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Top 5 Filipino Computer Programmers On YouTube

Filipino Computer Programmers YouTube
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It’s hard to imagine a world without computers, especially for digital natives. Thanks to programmers, and everyone in the Information Technology industry, we now enjoy the conveniences the Internet and computers provide, particularly in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. If IT is your cup of tea, here are our top 5 Filipino Computer Programmers on YouTube worth following.

1. SDPT Solutions For Aspiring Filipino Computer Programmers

First, we have SDPT Solutions and its YouTube channel. A Christian couple created SDPT Solutions on May 29, 2019. It gives programming tutorials on YouTube in Tagalog. The channel’s topics include programming fundamentals, Java, Python, MySQL, and mobile programming. Moreover, the channel provides perks. Those interested in getting perks from the channel can join the exclusive membership for Php49 a month. For instance, one such perk is being included in the SDPT projects. Payment is recurring and can be canceled anytime.

2. PinoyFreeCoder YouTube Channel

Second, we have the PinoyFreeCoder YouTube channel. It aims to help Filipinos engage in programming, learn new skills, and succeed in their IT careers. The topics discussed on the channel include PHP, CSS, HTML, WordPress, and Firebase. Moreover, one of the exciting tutorials is the Introduction to Machine Learning, which uses a coronavirus patient test.

3. Learn Computer Programming With Coding Kuya

Next, we have the Coding Kuya YouTube channel. Suppose you’re looking for an IT-related YouTube channel that isn’t purely technical and discusses general topics. Therefore, Coding Kuya might be for you. It has vlogs that talk about job opportunities for IT practitioners in the Philippines and other parts of the world. Also, the channel features trends in the industry, digital legacy, how to become a programmer, social media, and more.

4. Tech Course PH For Filipino Computer Programmers

Next, we have the Tech Course PH YouTube channel. A team of web developers and educators provides IT content on the Tech Course PH YouTube channel. Such content includes interviews with professionals. The channel’s segments are Lecture Series, Tech Code “Mon” Day, Programming 101, Tech Thought, Computing Disciplines, and Tech Talk Friday. Furthermore, the channel’s goal is to give simplified lectures that are fundamentals in IT careers.

5. Filipino Programmer Michael Tan And His Learn Computer Today YouTube Channel

Last but not least, we have Michael Tan. He is the founder and lecturer of Learn Computer Today. The channel features tutorials that can help Filipinos, especially the youth, gain knowledge about IT and Computer Science. Moreover, it offers affordable offline courses like electronics system technology, WordPress development, career building, and freelancing. For more details, visit the Learn Computer Today website!

Do you know of other Filipino Computer Programmers on YouTube? Let us know.

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