Cong TV is now a Father!

Cong TV is now a father! Viy Cortez has revealed this is her latest YouTube video, PLASWAN (plus one). Lately, we have noticed that Cong TV was not active on YouTube. His last video, XPEKTANSI, was more than three weeks old already. The news of Viy being pregnant could be

Team Payaman Revisits Payamansion 1.0

The Team Payaman revisits the old Payamansion (aka Payamansion 1.0) after leaving the place for almost ten months. While the Team Payaman was settling in the Payamansion 2.0, TierOne converted the old Paymansion into a Gaming House for their reality shows. Team Payaman Dropping By Payamansion 1.0 Cong TV admits

The Reasons Behind Josh Pint Resignation From Cong TV

Josh Pint’s resignation has left Cong TV no choice! Yes, Josh Pint has resigned from Cong TV after two years of editing for the YouTube superstar. To date, he has worked on over 160 YouTube videos for Cong TV. That is roughly seven (7) videos a month on average. For

Where is The Payamansion 2.0? Let’s Figure It Out Together!

When the Team Payaman moved to the new Payamansion (also known as Payamansion 2.0), they gave no clues about the location of this unique place. One of Viy’s videos even blurred the street name. But Cong TV inadvertently left us a clue in the SARBEY video about the house’s location.