Investing in Real Estate in the Philippines on YouTube

Are you thinking of buying property in the Philippines? The following Real Estate YouTube channels can help inform you how to do it in the Philippines. Own Property PH YouTube Channel Me-An Clemente is behind the Own Property PH YouTube channel, and she’s a licensed real estate broker in the


Learn About Homeschooling in the Philippines

The pandemic may have taught you a thing or two about homeschooling your children and have thought of the benefits. If you want to know what needs to be done to transition from classroom education to homeschool, get started by following these Filipino YouTube channels for homeschooling in the Philippines.


The Philippines Is hard To Fix, Doc Adam Leaving YouTube

Doc Adam is finally leaving YouTube because the troubles he has gotten into are not worth it anymore. His crusade to help Filipinos is an uphill battle. The Philippines is difficult to fix on individual capacity. After four years of creating videos for Filipinos, he and his girlfriend call it

Copyright Strikes on Atty. Libayan by Team Ivana Alawi

Atty Libayan received copyright strikes allegedly from Team Ivana Alawi and her followers. However, he maintains he didn’t commit copyright violations in his video reaction to Ivana Alawi’s mendicant social experiment. He observed fair use. Ivana Alawi vs Atty Libayan: How It Started BATASnatin is a YouTube channel known for

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5 Effective Ways To Fight COVID-19 in the Philippines

Yes, the Philippine Government doesn’t rely much on data to come up with decisions. However, sticking to facts and science is a lesson the COVID-19 pandemic can teach Filipinos. Here are ten effective ways to fight COVID-19 which the Philippines should have done. In a Health Issues episode, Executive Director