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Filipino YouTube Channels on Environmental Conservation

Protecting the Earth is imperative because it is the only planet where we can live. Not on Mars, not somewhere else in the Universe! However, artificial developments and poor implementation of environmental laws threaten the country’s flora and fauna diversity. Also, the lack of access to information has contributed to


Two Filipino Urban Legends That Refuse To Die Out

The Philippines has its urban legends as creepy as the slender man or the Loch Ness monster. Filipinos are predominantly Roman Catholics and Muslims, but one would think the Filipinos don’t tell spine-chilling and hair-raising stories. For instance, one story was about the disappearance of children back in the ’70s.


Top 5 Filipino Historians On YouTube

If there’s anything the deluge of fake news should teach Filipinos, it’s learning to check facts. Therefore, having an appreciation of history as a discipline can help with that. So people could avoid falling prey to misinformation and manipulators. Also, this national heritage month of May, take time to visit


Pinoy Baiting: A Scheme To Exploit Filipinos Online?

Filipino content creator M.A. Buendia opened a conversation about foreign YouTubers reacting to anything Pinoy, and it’s somewhat polarizing. Buendia coined the term Pinoy baiting on his Twitter post. According to him, Pinoy Baiting is a marketing strategy to exploit Filipinos using exaggeration in reaction videos involving the Philippines to


Top 5 Filipino Architects On YouTube For Tips And Reviews

Are you gathering ideas for your dream house? Are you anticipating issues during your building’s construction? Or want to learn about the construction industry in the Philippines? Some Filipino architects provide quality content – tips and reviews – on their YouTube channels. So, here are our top 5 Filipino Architects