Ben Tulfo Labels Atty Libayan Cheap Lawyer Lifestyle Social Media

Ben Tulfo Labels Atty Libayan Cheap Lawyer?

YouTubers Doc Adam and BATASnatin Attorney Ranny Randolf B. Libayan have made videos supporting each other as they face issues regarding topics they discuss online. Both are raising awareness of free speech on social media. When Ivana Alawi accused the lawyer of copyright infringement that led to his suspension of Facebook privileges, Doc Adam defended […]

Doc Adam shuts down Dr. Ron for misinformation Health Social Media

Doc Adam Helps Shut Down Dr. Ron for Misinformation

Doc Adam shuts down Dr. Ron for COVID-19 misinformation! Apparently, the Facebook account of Dr. Ron Samaniego, which has around 700,000 followers, is gone following the physical therapist’s false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines. Facebook has the policy to remove accounts, pages, and groups that spread conspiracy theories and fake news relating to all vaccines […]