Top 12 Filipino YouTube Channels for Sports Enthusiasts

Filipino YouTube Channels For Sports Enthusiasts

One of the things many Filipinos are passionate about is sports, especially basketball and boxing. Meanwhile, if you’re among the avid sports fans or enthusiasts, here’s a list of top Filipino channels you can visit on YouTube. These provide updates on sports leagues, organizations, matches, and athletes.

One Sports YouTube Channel

Catch the latest news on your favorite players, teams, or leagues from the One Sports channel. It covers most local sporting events.

SportsTalk PH

Martin Quintano hosts the SportsTalk PH channel, where he talks mostly about boxing, including athletes’ reactions and fans’ opinions.

Powcast Sports

Filipino sports enthusiasts can watch interviews, live coverage, highlights, vlogs, video commentaries, and more on Powcast Sports YouTube channel. It mainly features Philippine boxing and reports on other sports like basketball and MMA.

Filipino Brothers for Boxing Enthusiasts

It’s all about boxing news, analysis, commentaries, reactions, interviews, and other kinds of boxing content on Filipino Brothers.

SportsGround PH

Are you an avid fan of boxing? This YouTube channel is a jackpot for Filipino sports enthusiasts who are into boxing. Moreover, boxing fans can learn a lot of trivia and stories about Filipino and foreign boxers and matches from SportsGround PH.

Sports TV PH

If you’re a basketball fan, subscribe to Sports TV PH. Then, get highlights, trade rumors, and updates on the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Sports on Air

If you miss some crucial games, get the live scores from the Sports on Air. It publishes live scores of some events, such as the PBA, NBA, and ASEAN Football Federation.


The sports videos published on PINOY SUPER TV are commentaries, reactions, reviews, predictions, news, and trivia. Moreover, the channel usually covers the NBA and boxing.  

PBA Official – For Filipino Sports Enthusiasts who are PBA-solid fans

You can see live stats, watch post-game interviews, and get more updates on your teams from PBA Official’s YouTube channel.


Avid follow of PBA? Tune in to SPORTS LIFE CHANNEL PH to keep updated with the latest local basketball news.  

Vheadz Volleyball PH – For Sports Enthusiasts who are into Vollyball games

Know what’s up in the volleyball world, mainly Philippine volleyball games, teams, and players through the Vheadz Volleyball PH YouTube channel.

MJO Vidz – For Sepak Takraw Enthusiasts

For Filipinos who are Sepak Takraw enthusiasts, follow MJO Vidz to watch sepak takraw friendship games, and the best of throwback plays from both local and international tournaments.

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