Who is Burong Featured In Recent Cong TV Videos?

Aaron Burong Macacua

I have never seen Burong before in previous Cong TV YouTube videos. I might have missed him somewhere, or he looked different before. So, my renewed interest in Cong TV has led me back to his channel. Then, I saw this new person getting the limelight in Cong TV’s recent videos. I wonder who he is! Apparently, he is the new Team Payaman member.

Aaron Alias Burong

Today I looked up the words “Aaron Burong” on Google Search, but I did not get the relevant results that I had hoped for. Google was not giving out any names that may be related to the search keys. So, I stopped the search, quelled my curiosity, and moved on. Why “Aaron Burong”? I took that name from the Cong TV BURONG YouTube video’s description.

Later that day, my renewed interest led me to search for the exact words on Facebook. I got a couple of promising hits. Then, there he is!

Burong in Cong TV is Aaron Macacua

Alias Burong is Aaron Macacua! He is from Molino, Cavite, where Cong TV is also from. He is also a graduate of BSBA Major in Marketing Management at St. Dominic College of Asia. His current employment is with Capital One Philippines Support Services Corp as a Unit Manager.

There are no other social media accounts posted on his Facebook account. For example, no mention of Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

The Google Search For Burong Continues

Now, I have a name to search on Google! Burong has a tiny Internet footprint – he was virtually unknown. I wonder how he could pull off growing his YouTube channel and eventually be an online influencer.

By the way, he already has his own YouTube channel. So far, all his videos featuring himself are from some of Cong TV’s recent videos.

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