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Who is Basel Manadil The Hungry Syrian Wanderer?

Basel Manadil The Hungy Syrian Wanderer

Here are seven things you did not know about The Hungry Syrian Wanderer. We may have seen his YouTube videos before, but many of us did not end up following him on social media. Some thought he was just a visiting foreigner. However, this Syrian-born vlogger and content creator turned out to be a Filipino at heart. Recently, Toni Talks has featured him on Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube channel. So, who is this The Hungry Syrian Wanderer? His name is Basel Manadil, and he is the person behind The Hungry Syrian Wanderer YouTube channel. He is from Syria and recently became a Filipino citizen. Here are the seven things you didn’t know about him.

1. His Father Sent Him to the Philippines in 2013 Alone

The civil war in Syria started in 2011. As the war raged on, his family decided to leave Syria for their safety. However, they went to different countries. His father and brother now live in France, while his mother and sister reside in Saudi Arabia. For Basel Manadil, his father sent him to the Philippines in 2013 alone. He was just 18 years old.

2. Basel Manadil Spoke Zero English

Before Basel Manadil started school in the Philippines, he signed up for a three-month English course in Makati city because he spoke zero English and could not communicate effectively with anyone else.

3. He is a Computer Engineering Graduate

Basel Manadil is a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Perpetual Help in Las Pinas City. During his graduation, his family attended only via a video call.

4. He Came From a Well-off Syrian Family

Before the Syrian Civil war, his father was a well-known and respected engineer working for the Syrian government. His brother is well-established in France, and her sister used to support him financially.

5. Basel Manadil Started Vlogging To Share the Beauty of the Philippines

While studying in the Philippines, Basel Manadil traveled to some beautiful places in the Philippines. At first, he only uploaded raw video footage. Later, he started to create vlogs on his YouTube channel.

6. Basel Manadil Lives a Modest Life in the Philippines

When he graduated, his father and brother tried to help him migrate to France. However, he declined their offer and decided to stay in the Philippines for good.

7. He Help Filipinos by Providing Them Employment

No doubt that Basel Manadil is a Filipino by heart. To help himself settle in the Philippines, he set up businesses to earn a livelihood. In turn, these businesses employ around 40 Filipinos helping them to make a living.

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