Who Are Bok And Mentos in Cong TV?

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Bok And Mentos From Cong TV

Bok and Mentos are two of the mainstay members of Team Payaman. If you have not seen enough Cong TV YouTube videos, you would not know these two are related. They are brothers! In one of Cong TV’s YouTube videos, he described them as brothers.

Skip to 10:17 when Cong TV refers to Bok and Mentos as brothers

Who Is Mentos?

Mentos’ real name is Michael Magnata. We do not know who is the elder brother between Bok and Mentos. Based on some YouTube videos, he drives for Viy and other Team Payaman members. However, he is more than that as he is almost always present in Cong TV YouTube videos.

He lives in Bacoor, Cavite, where Cong TV is also from. Therefore, we can safely assume they had been friends (or acquaintances) before Cong TV became famous. Possibly they have the same relationship as Cong TV has with Dudut Lang.

Mentos is active on social media. You can follow him on his Facebook accounts Magnata Barbosa and Michael Magnata, Instagram account, and Twitter account. You can watch his latest videos on his YouTube channel.

Who Is Bok?

Bok’s real name is Carlos Magnata. He is also known as Kuya Bok. Therefore, he may be Mentos’ elder brother. Moreover, he is Khakha’s love interest or the other way around.

Carlos is also from Bacoor, Cavite. He worked at Kombathrone Events in the same place.

Between Bok and Mentos, Bok has only three YouTube videos to date on his two channels – Channel one and two. His first video is simply a teaser; the rest are vlog videos.

You can check his Facebooks Carlos Magnata and Lupittol10. He also has an Instagram account and a Twitter account.

Scant Information

These are the only information we got from the Internet about Bok and Mentos, aside from what we can gather from Cong TV videos. Hopefully, we will get to know them more as they become more famous on YouTube.

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