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Where is The Payamansion 2.0? Let’s Figure It Out Together!

Where is The Payamansion 2.0

When the Team Payaman moved to the new Payamansion (also known as Payamansion 2.0), they gave no clues about the location of this unique place. One of Viy’s videos even blurred the street name. But Cong TV inadvertently left us a clue in the SARBEY video about the house’s location.

Let us figure out where that house is. Read on!

Toledo Street – Payamansion 2.0 Clue

Based on the following snapshot, the house is at the corner of Toledo and another street which we will also figure out in this post.

Where is The Payamansion 2.0

With this clue, how do we go about finding where the Payamansion 2.0 is? First, we have the street name – Toledo Street. Second, the house is obviously in a subdivision and within Metro Manila. Thus, the search keywords would be “Toledo street subdivision metro manila,” minus the quotes.

Where is The Payamansion 2.0

Now, Google Search returns three results. There are Toledo streets in Paranaque, Makati, and Caloocan City. Let us deduce the correct result.

The likelihood of the Payamansion 2.0 being in Caloocan city is very slim. Most people would consider the city as generally less safe than the other two cities mentioned above. TierOne looks out for the team Payaman members, and their safety is of utmost concern to the company.

How about Makati? Not really. Whenever they drive around Payamansion 2.0’s vicinity, we can see the places on their videos. They suggest a very different look-and-feel of streets and houses not typical of those from Makati City. Therefore, Toledo street may be in Paranaque city.

Toledo Street In Paranaque City

Okay, let us choose the first result suggesting Toledo street is in Paranaque City. Then, we get the following.

Where is The Payamansion 2.0

Let us zoon in on that map portion (labels A, B, and C are only for reference).

Where is The Payamansion 2.0
A – Jerusalem street, B – Maui’s house, C – Payamansion 2.0

The Payamansion 2.0 could be at the corner of Toledo Street and either Bethlehem or Florence Street. The following snapshot suggests that the house is along Bethlehem street because of its proximity to Jerusalem street (label A), from which a motorbike emerged into view. It seemed that the driver had a hard right turn.

Can’t Get Close Enough With Google Map Street View

It is not possible to get close enough when using Google Map’s street view. Therefore, we are stuck at the corner of Toledo street and Florence street.

But from this angle, we can see a tall white structure up ahead that resembles the box-shaped Payamansion 2.0 house. We can zoom in on the image and see the house with gates similar to the video where Yowh calls out for Maui.

Now, a closer look at that other house.

From the photos, we can say the probable location of the Payamansion 2.0 is at the corner of Toledo street and Bethlehem street in Merville Subdivision, Paranaque City.

By the way, the so-called Team Payaman North is residing nearby Payamansion 2.0. Possibly within the same subdivision.

Who Owns The Payamansion 2.0?

The owner of Payamansion is neither TierOne nor Cong TV. TierOne rents out the place for its talents – Cong TV and others – as it did for the previous Payamansion.

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