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Top Filipino YouTube Channels About Surfing

Top Filipino YouTube Channels About Surfing

The Philippines has some world-class surfing destinations, such as Siargao, La Union, and Aurora. If you’re interested in picking up surfing and learning about surf life in the country, the following Filipino YouTube channels can help you.

Moto and Surfing Trips with Abdel Elecho on YouTube

Go along with Abdel Elecho’s moto- and surfing trips virtually and check out his YouTube channel to get some surf tips for when you visit the places he’s been or takes an adventure as he does. Moreover, Abdel has featured surfing and moto- and surfing trips in Infanta, Quezon, Calicoan Island, etc. Check out his YouTube channel (mainly Filipino) to see some amazing clips of his surfing sessions.

Filipino Surfing Coach Cliford on Off the Cliff TV

From Baler, Aurora, surfing coach Cliford Lumasac Banania of Off the Cliff TV. His YouTube channel has a lot to offer, including vlogs in Filipino about surfing at Charlie’s Point, Cemento Spot, and Diarabasin. In addition, he talks about surfing tips, fellow surfers in the Philippines, his surfboard collection, surf sessions, and others.

Astrid Sadaya Travels YouTube Channel

Filipino surfer Astrid covers surfing on her travels and shares it on her YouTube channel. Her adventures also include surf spot hopping with The Mobile Surf Shop, paddling from one island to another on a surfboard, and going on a surf trip from Davao to Samar in the middle of a typhoon. She has also featured famous surfing spots in Zambales and Siargao.

Surfing Adventures of the Kook

Baler in Aurora is the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines. It’s also known to have the oldest and largest surfing community in the country. The Adventures of the Kook YouTube channel will show you a glimpse of the lifestyle of Filipinos in Baler. Moreover, the YouTube channel (also mostly in Filipino) has videos about surfing with the locals, picnics in Jaos Point and Diguisit Beach, Cobra Reef and food trips, etc.

Soul Surfers’ Vortex

Soul Surfers’ Vortex YouTube channel aims to help Filipino improve their surfing skills and promote well-being and ocean regeneration. It also has published videos like after-surf restorative yoga flow with Tabitha Jamlang, free surf episodes, and podcasts. You can support the channel if you want to see more quality content.

Surfing may be underrated in the Philippines, considering the country has some of the best surf spots people from different parts of the world would love to experience. There is still more to discover, and the Filipino YouTube channels featured here are an excellent place to start your surfing journey.

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