Top 5 Filipino Voice Coaches on YouTube

Filipino Voice Coaches on YouTube
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Learn how to sing by watching YouTube. Hiring a professional teacher, especially when you plan to make a career out of your performance skills, is undoubtedly the best way. But there’s nothing to lose when you turn to YouTube singing lessons for free as a first step. Would you please get to know the following Filipino voice coaches and their YouTube channels?

1. Voice Lesson with Filipino Coach Pete

Coach Pete’s channel has videos about tips and techniques, such as the proper use and care for the voice, effective song improvisation, and performance preparation. There are also clips from actual voice lessons with his students and free online classes for his subscribers. You can reach out to Coach Pete if you’re interested in having a voice coach.

2. Train Your Singing With Filipino Voice Coach Adonis Tabanda Music

Musical director, Adonis Tabanda shares singing lessons with vocal coach Gherns Calina on this channel. They also do reaction videos. If you wish to get free singing and artistry development lessons from them, check out the Facebook group page SINGVERSATION with Coach Gherns. The group also aims to help build a community of artists who continue improving and maximizing their crafts.

3. VOICE LESSON with Prof. Ryan on YouTube

Filipino Prof. Ryan Manal established the Grand Music Palace with Roger De Leon. They also offer quality music lessons in instruments and voice at affordable prices. Moreover, the students they coached included Filipino celebrities like Geoff Eigenmann and Barbie Forteza. Furthermore, the YouTube channel of Prof. Ryan features song covers and voice lessons, including breathing techniques and vocalization.

4. Filipino Voice Coach Ray Santos and his YouTube Channel

The Ray Santos School of Music provides online voice lessons and piano lessons. In case you’re interested in enrolling in his courses and want to know more details, check their website. Also, Filipino voice coach Santos’s YouTube channel can give you a preview of what he teaches. Moreover, some videos you can find about blending, music composition, and choral strategies.


Filipino Music Teacher and voice coach Rochelle “Lhot” Eder does voice lessons and gets help from other family members. They also teach musical instruments like the guitar, drums, piano, flute, ukulele, and violin. Moreover, you’ll find voice lessons and instrument tutorials on the channel. Furthermore, the Eder Music & Learning Center offers original music composition, academic classes, art classes, martial arts, and dances.

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