Top Filipino Fashion Channels on YouTube

Filipino Fashion YouTube Channels

Are you looking for inspo for your ootd? If so, you may want to check out the following Filipino fashion YouTube channels. They offer some of the best looks and fashion-related advice you can find online from Filipinos.

JC Styles Fashion and Lifestyle YouTube Channel

Obtain fashion and lifestyle tips for men through JC Style’s videos. Moreover, his content covers jackets, accessories, jeans, clothing color combinations, rainy day essentials, grooming, hair, etc. He teaches how to dress stylishly without overdoing it or spending too much money, gain confidence, and practice good habits. 

LoveLuxe YouTube Channel by Filipino Lifestyle Consultant Aimee Hashim

In case you love luxury items, watching lifestyle consultant Aimee Hashim’s videos on her collections like top designer clothes and sneakers may make you very happy. In addition, she has guide videos, such as buying designer boots, starting a designer shoe collection, and luxury bags for beginners.

Best Shoppe finds from Jadh‘s YouTube Channel

On Jadh’s YouTube channel, you’ll see videos on his best Shopee finds, such as oversized shirts, pants, bags, shoes, and hoodies. You will surely learn many tips from his shopping and fashion YouTube videos. Other than clothing, Jadh also features tech hauls, room makeovers, food, and more.  

Get Outfit and Fashion Ideas Rachel Gania YouTube Channel

Get outfit ideas from Rachel Gania like casual summer, activewear, party dresses, swimsuits, and streetwear. Moreover, she recreates some outfits, does try-on hauls, and makes tutorial videos. There are so many other exciting things you can find on Rachel’s channel, so make sure to visit it.

Carlo Ople

You can learn so much from Carlo Ople if you’re buying or collecting shoes. He vlogs about travel, food, and technology, but he does more sneaker reviews, shopping, and unboxings. In case the shoes excited you, his channel is probably for you. Overall, Carlo has videos on sales, sample pairs, sneaker hauls, best shoes for working out, and underrated kicks.

Give these Filipino YouTube channels a follow if you love their content, especially on fashion. They don’t only vlog about helpful fashion stuff but make quality videos too.

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