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Top Filipino Dentists on YouTube

Filipino Dentists YouTube

February is the National Dental Health Month in the Philippines. To help observe this year’s Dental Health Month and raise awareness on the significance of good oral health, we list down the top five Filipino dentists with YouTube channels you should visit. 

Filipino Dentist Dr. Arkhe de Leon

Going to the dentist was one of the most challenging things at the pandemic’s beginning. The reason was that dental clinics were close during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. However, the Dental Arkhetect Dr. de Leon is available on YouTube. He has helped explain the situation and provided dental health education through his channel. He has videos on proper ways to brush teeth, causes of bad breath, and many other topics.

Doc John, the Dentist on YouTube

You can learn many things about dentistry through Doc John’s channel. He has talked about braces, teeth crowding, what to do and not to do after tooth filling, first aid for toothache, gum recession, teeth whitening, how to care for kids’ teeth, and a whole lot more. Doc John’s clinic is Prime Smiles Dental Clinic in Taguig City.

Smile with Dr. B YouTube Channel

Licensed dentist Dr. Bianca Beley, a dental health advocate, uses her YouTube channel to spread oral health information. Her videos include proper flossing, gum diseases, and veneers. She has also done live free online dental consultations. These are available online, which you can still watch on her channel. Follow Dr. B, and you might be able to consult with her for free the next time she goes live again.

Apostol Dental

Cosmetic dentist and international educator Dr. Jonas John Apostol, the CEO and chief dentist of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center in Makati, has a lot to offer through his YouTube channel. Check out his videos like Dentures to Hollywood Smile Real Quick, Full Mouth Rehabilitation Using Zirconia, and others to see what it’s like to be #Apostolified.


If you are wearing or planning to have braces, you can benefit so much from Dr. Trina G. Tolentino’s YouTube videos. She has discussed what to expect on your routine braces adjustment, bite raisers, supernumerary teeth, and other issues related to wearing braces. Some of Dr. Trina’s videos are based on questions asked by her viewers.

Subscribe to these channels if you want to learn more about dental care. Visits to the dentist are not exactly easy and more so when COVID-19 hit. With the help of our Filipino dentists (bloggers) on YouTube, we hope you can get the correct information to enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth that can make you smile big.

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