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Top 5 Filipino YouTube Channels To Help Plan Your Wedding

Filipino YouTube Channel Plan Wedding

Tying the knot is one of the milestones in someone’s life. Thus making a wedding memorable and extraordinary is the goal of those who want to get married. Suppose you’re planning for your dream wedding. In that case, the following top 5 Filipino YouTube channels can help you plan your wedding – from gathering inspiration and ideas to making it happen.

1. Plan a Wedding Soon? Check Out Getting Married Bridal Fair TV YouTube Channel

Kutchie Zaldarriaga is a professional wedding planner who’s been in the industry for a long time. She’s the president at Getting Married Bridal Fair, a group of wedding coordinators and event planners in the Philippines. Her channel contains online bridal shows that feature wedding suppliers and tips. There are also videos about having weddings in the current situation.

2. Learn To Plan A Wedding With Paolo Feliciano

Learn how to plan a wedding, get tips for better wedding photos, know what happens during the wedding day preparations, and watch behind-the-scene documentation of prenuptial and wedding days on Paolo Feliciano’s channel. Feliciano is a photographer who wants to share his experiences and things he has learned in the wedding industry through this channel.

3. Are you Clueless Soon-To-Wed Filipino couples? Check out The Budgetarian Bride YouTube Channel

How much you’d like to spend on your wedding is one of the crucial things you need to consider. Camille Fornela aims to help clueless soon-to-wed couples with planning for their wedding through The Budgetarian Bride channel. The topics of her vlogs include DIY weddings, wedding photographers, and a budget for weddings in the Philippines.

4. Need a Filipino Wedding and Event Planner? Get Some Tips From Pinay Super Mom

You’ll find many topics on Pinay Super Mom’s channel, such as income-generating opportunities, parenthood, food preparation, disasters, and devotions. Pinay Super Mom is a wedding and events planner, so her channel has many wedding-related videos. These include planning weddings in the Philippines, her wedding projects, and weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Plan Your Wedding’s After-Ceremony Party With Host Jam

The after-ceremony party is a significant part of a couple’s wedding day. Award-winning events host Jam can provide you with insights into achieving lively and unforgettable celebrations through her channel. Host Jam features videos of events with fun wedding games and icebreakers and stories of how her team overcame technical difficulties and challenges during some of their events.

And those are our top 5 Filipino YouTube channels that can help you plan your wedding! Best wishes!

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