Top 5 Filipino YouTube Channels That Teach Photography

Filipino YouTube Channels That Teach Photography
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Suppose you want to level up your photo-taking skills. In that case, you can look to some Filipino photographers on YouTube for tips, advice, and lessons. The following Filipino YouTube channels provide valuable content that can teach and help guide you through your photography journey. 

1. Filipino Best-selling Author/Commercial Photographer BJ Pascual

First, we have Filipino best-selling author/commercial photographer BJ Pascual. He is also known for his collaborations with celebrities like Catriona Gray and Heart Evangelista. His portfolio also includes magazine covers and billboards. Moreover, he uses his YouTube channel to show the creative process of their photoshoots. It also shares tips in photography through behind-the-scene vlogs. Lastly, Pascual went to New York for his formal photography training.

2. Filipino Miko Tiotangco‘s YouTube Channel

Learn how to edit photos, shoot smooth transitions, and edit videos from Miko Tiotangco’s YouTube channel. Moreover, take a look at behind-the-scene shots, cinematic travel videos, and other tutorials. Also, Tiotangco’s YouTube channel already has 594,000 subscribers. His most-viewed video is the Best Video Transitions You Should Know, which reached more than two million views.

3. Filipino Portrait and Wedding Photographer Jiggie Alejandrino’s YouTube Channel

Get professional advice from Filipino wedding and portrait photographer Jiggie Alejandrino. His goal is to share what he learned about photography on YouTube. Moreover, his YouTube channel features are instructional videos, product reviews, essential accessories, simple hacks, lighting techniques, photo editing, and tutorials for beginner photographers.

4. Filipino Photographer Carms Onoya

The YouTube channel of Filipino photographer Carms Onoya contains a variety of topics, including photography. But it has a lot of helpful photography content. For instance, shoot a prenuptial video, take photos with kids, do product photography, do as a photographer, and tips for portrait shoots. He also does gadget reviews, video reactions, and personal vlogs.

5. JD Photography & Lifestyle On YouTube

Last but not least, we have The Filipino JD Photography & Lifestyle YouTube channel. Do you want to know how to start a career in photography? The YouTube channel can give ideas through its content, including tips for food photography. It also shows how to be a wedding photographer, how to become a professional photographer, how to start a photography business, and how photographers can earn in the new normal.

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