Top 5 Filipino Math Teachers On YouTube

Filipino Math Teachers on YouTube
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The struggle is real for learners, parents, and educators in the new normal. Similarly, schools and households have to adapt quickly to online classes and homeschooling to continue the education of students. Thanks to the internet indeed, it’s a relief that there are available and accessible learning resources. When it comes to one of the most challenging subjects – Math – there’s a plethora of content on the web. But the following Filipino Math teachers on YouTube can make Mathematics more digestible for Filipinos. Try watching their lessons on YouTube when you need help with your Math problems.

1. Math is Forever with California-based Filipino Math Teacher at Numberbender

Peter Esperanza, Ed.D., is based in Barstow, California, but he provides math lessons in Tagalog on YouTube. Moreover, he has collaborated with the Department of Education to help Filipino teachers create content and share best practices as online instructors.

Dr. E is also an awardee of the Apple Distinguished Educator in 2015 and the first Filipino-American Community Hero by the Kababayan Today in the same year. Before the pandemic, he went on campus tours in the Philippines to give talks to students and teachers.

2. Filipino Math Teacher Gon on YouTube

The YouTube channel of Teacher Gon is full of helpful math tutorials. You can also find topics like polygons, integers, radicals, decimals, proportions, and more. He’s also got help from Professor Jeffrey Del Mundo, Sir Dan Apostol, and Mr. Mark Anthony Gomez to do live math tutorials. Furthermore, these teachers have their own YouTube channels you should check out.

3. Math Tutorials On YouTube By Prof. D

Prof. Jeffrey Del Mundo’s channel tutorials include senior high school research, hyperbola equation, statistics. It also contains content on probability, ellipse, and fractions. Prof. D also shares his channel with fellow math teachers who have their lessons there.

4. Enjoy Math With Filipino Teacher Sir Dan Apostol On YouTube

This channel only started on March 25, 2021. It has lessons on Grade 6 to 9 mathematics. Moreover, some of Sir Dan Apostol’s topics are parallelogram, rhombus, triangle, trigonometric ratios, square, circle, Pythagorean Theorem, and measures of central tendency.

5. Filipino Math Teacher Mr. M. Gomez And His YouTube Channel

Teacher Mark Anthony Gomez’s channel contains math lessons for primary to senior high school students. Moreover, the topics include the Venn diagram, prime factorization, permutation, fundamental counting techniques, and the probability of compound events.

In case you miss school days, these Filipino Math teachers on YouTube and their videos will bring back some memories.

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