Top 5 Filipino Martial Arts YouTube Channels

Filipino Martial Arts YouTube Channels
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The Filipino martial arts (FMA) have been steadily gaining traction worldwide. More than a form of self-defense, they’re also beneficial for fitness purposes. In addition, learning FMA is a way of preserving a part of the country’s cultural heritage. Suppose you want to know more about Filipino martial arts. In that case, here are our top 5 Filipino Martial Arts YouTube channels by local teachers.

1. Team Dandinelli – Stories of Filipino Martial Arts

Gain an appreciation of Filipino Martial Arts as a part of the Philippine culture, a science, and philosophy through Team Dandinelli’s stories. In their YouTube channel, there are interviews with grandmasters, researchers, educators, and other practitioners. Both Daniel and Tinelle, who are Team Dandinelli, also give a few tutorials.

2. Daniel Bernas YouTube Channel

Meanwhile, for more FMA tutorial videos, visit Daniel Bernas’ YouTube channel. He’s the other half of Team Dandinelli. You can also find on this channel topics about arnis gear and content creation to promote the national sport. Moreover, Bernas is a World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) world champion, and he teaches FMA.

3. Filipino Martial Artist GuroGani YouTube Channel

Next is the personal channel of Guro Isagani Abon showcases his training and teaching journey in Rapido Realismo Kali (RRK) with his Paggiran Training Group. Moreover, the channel has videos about tips, training tutorials, demonstrations, and collaborations with other martial arts teachers. Also, Guro Gani’s group offers online training programs that are beginner-friendly.

4. Jeric Pantaleon YouTube Channel

Coach Jeric is a martial arts teacher, motivational speaker, and corporate skills trainer. He posts martial arts videos on this personal channel. Still, you can find more FMA training sessions on his other YouTube channel – FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS Combat Kali Manila. Combat Kali Manila is a local community that promotes practical techniques of FMA.

5. Filipino Arnis Mano Mano Dumog YouTube Channel

Last but not least, we have Punong Maestro Melchor William Amosco. He is the founder of Armado FMA Deftac Philippines Training Academy and the host of this YouTube channel. Also, Arnis Mano Mano Dumog means weapon-based fighting (Arnis), hand-to-hand combat (Mano Mano), and grappling (Dumog). Moreover, the channel features tutorials and promotions for training classes, seminars, and workshops that the academy offers.

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