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Top 5 Filipino Historians On YouTube

Filipino Historians On YouTube

If there’s anything the deluge of fake news should teach Filipinos, it’s learning to check facts. Therefore, having an appreciation of history as a discipline can help with that. So people could avoid falling prey to misinformation and manipulators. Also, this national heritage month of May, take time to visit the YouTube channels of some Filipino historians and history teachers. You won’t only receive new information or insights into our roots and culture but also understand why it’s cool to get facts straight.

1. Filipino Book Author, Educator Kirby Araullo on YouTube

First, we have Kirby Araullo. He is a Filipino historian, book author, and educator. Furthermore, his YouTube videos are entertaining with a fresh approach to learning history. Araullo also serves historical facts most people haven’t encountered in history classes. Moreover, he studied at UC Davis, Harvard University, and Universite Catholique de Louvain, and he’s a visiting professor at various Philippine colleges.

2. Philippine History Consultant Xiao Chua

Then, we have Filipino Professor Michael Charleston “Xiao” Chua, who has served as a commentator, historical consultant of several local TV shows. Also, he is a segment host of Xiao Time, a three-minute daily history program on People’s Television Network. Moreover, his YouTube channel contains Xiao Time videos, lectures, interviews, reflections, webinars, and documentaries.

3. Historian Danny Gerona on YouTube

Third, we have a Filipino historian who is one of the authorities on Magellan. Danny Gerona is also a Magellan scholar. He also wrote Ferdinand Magellan: The Armada de Maluco and the European Discovery of the Philippines. He’s also a lecturer in national and international conferences in history and a member of Philippine and European committees on the Magellan celebration.

Moreover, the history from the Archives segment on his YouTube channel has seven episodes as of now:

  • Early Philippine History in the European Archives – Episode 1
  • The Young Magellan – Episode 2
  • Victoria, the Ship that Circumnavigated the World – Episode 3
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Antonio Pigafetta Part 1 – Episode 4
  • The Early History of the Sto. Nino de  Cebu – Episode 5
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Antonio Pigafetta Part 2 – Episode 6
  • The Historical Lapulapu – Episode 7


Next, we have Tod Lucero. He is a professional genealogist and the person behind the YouTube channel. To emphasize, he aims to teach Filipinos how to trace their family trees and make genealogy more mainstream in the Philippines. The YouTube channel also contains videos about the family trees of some prominent Filipinos, common surnames in the Philippines, and other features like the specials for the 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines.

5. Historian PROF. LEI

Last but not least, we have Prof Lei. Learn the fundamentals of research and history in Filipino through Prof. Lei’s YouTube channel. Moreover, you can find lectures on documentation, presentation of data, and translating texts from English into Filipino. There are also videos about the history of Filipino literature, the life and works of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine natural resources, and more.

And those are the top Filipino historians on YouTube!

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