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Top 5 Filipino Architects On YouTube For Tips And Reviews

Top Filipino Architects On YouTube

Are you gathering ideas for your dream house? Are you anticipating issues during your building’s construction? Or want to learn about the construction industry in the Philippines? Some Filipino architects provide quality content – tips and reviews – on their YouTube channels. So, here are our top 5 Filipino Architects and YouTube channels that you should check out.

1. Tips And Reviews From Filipino Architect Oliver Austria

First on our list is Filipino Architect Oliver Austria and his YouTube channel. It’s common for known personalities to welcome media consumers to their homes through house tours. However, professionals can react to these houses and educate their viewers via social media. That is what he usually does on his channel. His comedic timing and big brain moments may have helped him gain 2.14 million subscribers, not to mention the high quality of his videos. 

2. B-art design YouTube Channel

You can find house design concepts and building tips on the B-art design YouTube channel. It features drawings and animations. Moreover, it includes visualizations and walk-through presentations. Filipino Architect Marvin Basilio is behind the B-art design YouTube channel. Previously, he was an OFW based in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, he lost his job and returned home because of the pandemic.

3. Filipino Architect Karlo Marko

If you want to get advice on home renovations, expansions, buying a house, visit Filipino Architect Karlo Marko’s YouTube channel. Moreover, it shares advice on saving on construction, hiring an architect, and more. According to Karlo Marko, his YouTube channel serves as a video journal so that you can watch vlogs about life lessons as well. Moreover, he has a segment where he answers questions about architectural topics.    

4. A coffee talk with Maestro

Next, we have Filipino Architect Alfredo A. Fernandez’s A coffee talk with Maestro YouTube channel. Moreover, his YouTube channel is a helpful resource for anyone in the construction industry. Also, he considers YouTube an alternative learning academy in building laws and architecture. For example, Maestro has already covered some topics: how to start an architectural office, the bidding and tendering process, and construction contracts.

5. Arkitekt JON

Last but not least, we have Filipino Freelance Architect Jonah Orteza and his YouTube channel. His channel is all about architecture and building construction in the Philippines. Moreover, it aims to inspire, educate, inform, and motivate. Also, his vlogs include site visits and discussions about sloping lots. Other videos are about house designs, basic tutorials, talks with colleagues in the construction industry, and building reactions.

And those are our top 5 Filipino Architects that we can follow for reviews and tips!

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