The Reasons Behind Josh Pint Resignation From Cong TV

Josh Pint Resignation

Josh Pint’s resignation has left Cong TV no choice! Yes, Josh Pint has resigned from Cong TV after two years of editing for the YouTube superstar. To date, he has worked on over 160 YouTube videos for Cong TV. That is roughly seven (7) videos a month on average. For the uninspired and directionless, the figure is a lot and could be the primary source of work-related stress. However, Josh Pint seemed to have enjoyed the ride and pulled through. Good for him!

And Now The End Is Here

“I have this feeling that I can do something more!” Josh Pint explains at the beginning of the video REASON BEHIND MY RESIGNATION. Although he uploads his own YouTube videos on the sideline, he still aspires to move on as a full-time content creator. “I wanna be a content creator, and I wanna do something they are doing. I want to have what they have. I wanna learn and earn!” Josh makes his motives clear.

So what kept him from becoming a content creator before? Josh shares that he enjoyed editing videos a lot for Cong TV. However, he has reached a point where he feels stagnant in his career. He wanted growth beyond video editing, but only if he had the time.

Although Josh Pint is letting go, it is essential to highlight that Cong TV has inspired him to be a content creator long ago.

But everything has an end, right? Everyone has to grow!

Is Josh Pint Leaving The Team Payaman For Good?

Josh Pint hinted that Cong TV did not want his resignation, but he is determined to move on. Either he leaves the Payamansion, or he stays as a content creator part of the Team Payaman. It appears that Cong TV has opted to keep him, let him move on as a content creator, and be part of the Team Payaman.

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