Team Payaman Revisits Payamansion 1.0

Team Payaman Revisits Payamansion 1.0

The Team Payaman revisits the old Payamansion (aka Payamansion 1.0) after leaving the place for almost ten months. While the Team Payaman was settling in the Payamansion 2.0, TierOne converted the old Paymansion into a Gaming House for their reality shows.

Team Payaman Dropping By Payamansion 1.0

Cong TV admits that the area was filthy when they left in January. Now, the Payamansion 1.0 is renovated and tidied up. But he feels awkward about the site.

It seems that Cong TV will be joining the Gaming House, perhaps in a limited capacity. He could be one of the hosts of the reality shows or probably pops up in the frame when he is available. At this point, we have no idea.

Team Payaman Fond Memories of Payamansion 1.0

Team Payaman has fond memories of Payamansion 1.0. As fans, we, too, have fond memories of Payamansion 1.0. Here are some of them:

What are your fond memories of the Team Payaman in the Payamansion 1.0?

Fun Day At Payamansion 1.0

The Team Payaman vlog on the site with their “Boy, meron akong kwento!” story/joke-telling to make their visit memorable. Then, they proceeded with mingling with new tenants of Payamansion 1.0.

TierOne KickStarts Reality Show In Payamansion 1.0

TierOne kickstarted its reality show in September in the Gaming House (formerly Payamansion 1.0). The reality show appears to collaborate with ABS-CBN because all The Gaming House videos are from the ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel.

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