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Team Payaman North Members – Who Are They?

Team Payaman North

Who are the Team Payaman North and their members? Are they copycats? We know the Team Payaman consists of Cong TV, Junnie Boy, Boss Keng, Yowh, and others.

Team Payaman North Brainchild

The Team Payaman North is a brainchild of Cong TV, RogerRaker, and Emman Nimendez. RogerRaker revealed this in his YouTube video “Team Payaman Sa North – Ang Simula.” It is also possible that they collaborate with a commercial entity like TierOne.

In that video, we can see Yowh, Venice, and Kelvin.

Team Payaman North Members

Let’s see who the members are.

Pau Sepagan

Pau Sepagan is RogerRaker’s real name. He was one of the first people appearing in Cong TV’s videos when Cong TV started vlogging.

Kath And Lee Sepagan

Kath and Lee Sepagan are RogerRaker’s siblings.

Daddy Boomy

Daddy Boomy is Pau, Kath, and Lee’s father.

Kuya Patata

Kuya Patata is Pau, Kath, and Lee’s cousin.

Mikhaela Cruz

Mikhaela Cruz is Pau Sepagan’s girlfriend.

Titus Cee

Titus Cee is a Filipino filmmaker who has directed several videos like Skusta Clee’s Dance With You music video.

He has also had some wedding videos featured on this website.


BruzYT‘s real name is Bruce Cuervo. He has been in the Wedding Industry with Lee Sepagan as a photographer before vlogging and a Team Payaman North member.

PeachyTwice And John Ryan Santos 

PeachyTwice’s real name is Peachy Bonifacio Santos, and she is John Ryan Santos’ sibling. She was Emman Minendez’s girlfriend.

John Ryan and Peachy

Yoji Esquillo

Yoji Esquillo is one of Pau Sepagan’s college friends.

Jiego Perez

Jiego Perez is the Bayani Agbayani look-alike in the Team Payaman North.

Those are the Team Payaman North members so far. Right now, there are scant details about them online because they are new as a group.

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