Team Payaman Members – Who Are They?

Team Payaman Members

Who are the Team Payaman members? Let us find out more about them! Ready? Let’s go!

Cong TV

The first on the list is Cong TV, whose real name is Lincoln C. Velasquez. He is the founder and leader of the Team Payaman group.

He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Technological University of the Philippines.

Venice Velasquez

Venice Velasquez is Cong TV’s younger sister.

She graduated Bachelor of Science In Business Administration Major in Human Resources Development Management from De La Salle University Dasmarinas.

Junnie Boy

Junnie Boy is Cong TV’s brother in real life.

His real name is Marlon Velasquez and he was born on July 5, 1994. His height is 5’11”. He is also a graduate of Bachelor of Science In Business Administration Major in Marketing.

Pat Velasquez

Patricia Velasquez or better known as Neneng Lamig is Cong TV, Venice, and Junnie Boy’s youngest sibling.

She is a Medical Technology graduate and now pursuing Medicine sponsored by Cong TV.


DaTwo’s real name is Marvin Velasquez II.

He and Cong TV are first cousins. His father and Cong TV’s father are brothers.

In the Payamansion, he is Cong TV’s assistant.

Beigh Sunga

Beigh Sunga‘s mother is DaTwo and Cong TV’s cousin. Therefore, he is DaTwo and Cong TV’s nephew.

He is Laoag and his real name is Clifford Beigh Mariano Sunga.

Vien Iligan

Vien Iligan is Junnie Boy’s wife and she is a graduate of Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Cavite Gen Trias.

She has Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram accounts.

Boss Keng

Boss Keng’s real name is Exekiel Christian C. Gaspar and his birth date is September 9, 1992. His height is 5’4″.

He owns BO$$’ Apparel. He is Pat Velasquez’s boyfriend.


Yoh’s real name is Anthony Jay Andrada.

He is Venice Velasquez’s boyfriend. He is a graduate Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Viy Cortez

Viy Cortez is Cong TV’s girlfriend.

She is from Laguna and owns Viy Line.

Dudut Lang

Dudut Lang’s real name is Jaime Marino De Guzman.

He sometimes collaborates with Matthios for the Nararahuyo music track.

Bok And Mentos

Bok and Mentos are brothers. For more information about them, please read this post.

Josh Pint

Josh Pint is Cong TV’s video editor.

Those are the Team Payaman members and their details so far.

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