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Cong TV and the Team Payaman Members – Who Are They?

Team Payaman Members

We all know Cong TV, but who are the Team Payaman members? Let us find out more about them! Ready? Let’s go! You may have heard of Cong TV and his Team Payaman crew. Meanwhile, you may also have encountered the so-called Team Payaman North, but it is are not the original Team Payaman Cong TV had set up. The authentic Team Payaman crew is as follows.

CONG TV (LINCOLN “CONG” VELASQUEZ) : The Leader Of The Team Payaman

The first on the list is Cong TV, whose real name is Lincoln C. Velasquez. He is the leader of the Team Payaman group.

Lincoln C. Velasquez

He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering Technology at the Technological University of the Philippines. You may have heard of the “Chicken Feet Gang,” which Cong TV uses to refer to his fanbase generally.


Viy Cortez is Cong TV’s girlfriend. She is from Laguna and owns Viy Line. Also, as a Team Payaman member, she mainly shoots videos with Cong TV. Trivia: she has a sister named Yiv, reversed name of Viy.

Viy Cortez

Viy Cortez and Cong TV have come a long way, and they have been together since Cong TV was just starting out as a YouTuber. Another trivia: Viy Cortez used to be in the car industry.

Here’s another trivia. Did you know how she started the Viy Line? Cong TV lent her PHP 10,000 to start a small business several years back. She turned that small capital into what Viy Line is now with her diligence and hard work!

VENICE VELASQUEZ : Cong TV’s Younger Sister

Venice Velasquez is Cong TV’s younger sister and Yow’s girlfriend. As a Team Payaman member, she usually appears in Yow’s videos but has not been visible in Cong TV’s recent videos.

Venice Velasquez, Cong TV's Sister and Team Payaman members
Venice Velasquez

She graduated Bachelor of Science In Business Administration Major in Human Resources Development Management from De La Salle University Dasmarinas.

JUNNIE BOY : Cong TV’s Brother

Junnie Boy is Cong TV’s brother in real life. His real name is Marlon Velasquez, and he was born on July 5, 1994, and married to Vien. His height is 5’11”.

Junnie Boy

He is also a graduate of Bachelor of Science In Business Administration, Major in Marketing. Trivia: both Junnie Boy and Boss Keng went to the same college in Cavite. As a Team Payaman member, he is the guy who delivers the “Boy, meron akong Kwento!”

PAT VELASQUEZ : The Team Payaman Member Who is their future Doctor!

Patricia Velasquez, known as Neneng Lamig, is Cong TV, Venice, and Junnie Boy’s youngest sibling. She is now the wife of Boss Keng.

Pat Velasquez-Gaspar

Trivia: she is a Medical Technology graduate and currently pursuing Medicine sponsored by Cong TV.

DATWO : Cong TV’s first cousin

DaTwo’s real name is Marvin Velasquez II. He and Cong TV are first cousins. His father and Cong TV’s father are brothers. In Payamansion, DaTwo is Cong TV’s assistant; Cong TV bought him a sedan.

DaTwo - a Team Payaman member and a one of Cong TV's first cousins.
Marvin Velasquez II

Do you know why the Team Payaman members call him DaTwo? The hint is in his real name.

BEIGH SUNGA : Cong TV’s Nephew

He is Laoag, and his real name is Clifford Beigh Mariano Sunga.

Beigh Sunga - a Team Payaman member and Cong TV's nephew

Beigh Sunga’s mother is DaTwo and Cong TV’s cousin. Therefore, he is DaTwo and Cong TV’s nephew. As a Team Payaman member, he nowadays edits videos for Cong TV but appears in the videos from time to time.

Vien Iligan : Junnie Boy’s Wife

Vien Iligan is Junnie Boy’s wife, and she is a graduate of Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Cavite Gen Trias. She has Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram accounts.

Vien Illigan - a Team Payaman member and Junnie Boy's wife
Vien Iligan-Velasquez

Boss Keng : Pat Velasquez’ Husband

Boss Keng’s real name is Exekiel Christian C. Gaspar, and his birth date is September 9, 1992. His height is 5’4″. He owns BO$$’ Apparel.

Boss Keng - a Team Payaman member and a long-time friend of Cong TV and others

He is now Pat Velasquez’s husband after they married in November 2021. As a Team Payaman member, he has been friends with Cong TV even before Cong TV became famous.

Yow : Meron Ba Tayo dyan?

Yow’s real name is Anthony Jay Andrada. He is Venice Velasquez’s boyfriend. He is a graduate Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Yow - a Team Payaman member and a long-time friend of Cong TV and others

Jaime Marino De Guzman : Better Known as Dudut Lang

Dudut Lang’s real name is Jaime Marino De Guzman. He is the only Team Payaman member who often collaborates with Matthios, e.g., for the Nararahuyo music track.

Dudut Lang - a Team Payaman member and a long-time friend of Cong TV and other Team Payaman members
Dudut Lang

BOK AND MENTOS : brothers who are members of Team Payaman

Bok and Mentos are two of the mainstay members of Team Payaman. If you have not seen enough Cong TV YouTube videos, you would not know these two are related. They are brothers! In one of Cong TV’s YouTube videos, he described them as brothers.

For more information on Bok and Mentos, please read the following post.

Bok and Mentos

JOSH PINT : Cong TV’s First Editor and Probably still a member of Team Payaman

Josh Pint is one of the first video editors Cong TV hired when the Team Payaman was still residing in the Congdo (Cong TV’s condominium, which the TierOne sponsored). Why did Cong TV choose him? Josh Pint was one of the winners of Cong TV’s Editor Challenge. Do you remember in which Cong TV video Josh Pint first appeared official?

Josh Pint - Cong TV's first video editor and (still) a Team Payaman member

Unfortunately, Josh Pint has resigned as Cong TV’s video editor, but he still is part of the Team Payaman. He is one of the Team Payaman members who formally left in 2021 for good reasons. However, he sometimes goes solo on some of his videos. If we check his YouTube channels, there still are videos with “Team Payaman” thumbnails. It appears that the Team Payaman has not abandoned him. However, according to this video, he wanted to go solo with his style without depending on the Team Payaman.

BURONG : Team Payaman Members’ Long-Time Friend

Burong has been friends with Cong TV, Junnie Boy, and even Yow and Boss Keng. He was in the background until they helped him be a YouTuber after quitting his job at a call center company.

For more information on Burong, please read the following post.


Yunisky Mendoza was one of the editors and Team Payaman members. She mostly edits videos for Viy Cortez. In August 2021, she resigned from her job as an editor.

Yunisky Mendoza - Team Payaman member and video editor (for Viy Cortez)
Yunisky Mendoza

Those are the Team Payaman members and their details so far.

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