Rendon Labador : A Pretentious Motivational Speaker?

Rendon Labador Motivational Speaker

Fitness coach turned motivational speaker Rendon Labador has recently stirred the pot with his inflammatory comments on his Facebook post, and social media is abuzz with it. His blue-ticked Facebook page is now offline. According to his Instagram stories, netizens mass reported his account because they disagreed with what he said.

Labador also asked through IG, “Paano mag appeal sa Facebook? Kapag na delete ang page? (How to appeal to Facebook? When the page is deleted?).” This same IG account with the handle rendonlabadorfitness is no longer available now as well.

Is Rendon Labador A Legit Motivational Speaker?

PaoLUL, one of the YouTubers who weighed in on the issue, reviewed Labador’s controversial video and pointed out that Labador’s statement, “Dapat ikaw yung taong tumutulong, hindi ikaw yung taong tinutulungan (You should be the person who helps, not the one who is being helped)” was the catalyst for the contentious Facebook thread. One commenter asked, what if you have nothing more to give, and the only thing you can do in the meantime is to seek help (translated)?

Labador didn’t take the question kindly and resorted to bullying. He replied, “kaya wala kang nararating (that’s why you’re not going anywhere),” and called the commenter bobo (stupid). When the commenter didn’t back down and continued to raise her arguments, Labador tried to silence her by saying, “huwag ka ng mag salita (stop talking).” There were other head-scratching comments Labador added to the thread, such as the following:

Lastly, PaoLUL reviewed more video clips of Labador, where he stated things that would raise eyebrows. That said, we’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Labador definitely has clout, as shown by the support he receives. For his followers, he can probably do no wrong. But his display of poor attitude on social media, e.g., the removal of his online platforms, has undermined his credibility. As a result, more people believe that Rendon Labador is not on par with respected motivational speakers.

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