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Raffy Tulfo In Action Is Not Court of Justice But A Business

BATASNatin Atty Libayan Reaction on Raffy Tulfo in Action

Filipinos should stop watching The Raffy Tulfo in Action on YouTube because it is not a court of law and dispense justice. Instead, it encourages injustice by trial by media, belittles people and government employees. In addition, it is a media business that exists for profit and makes money off mainly of YouTube ads.

BATASNatin Criticizes Raffy Tulfo in Action for Its Host’s Hubris

In his YouTube video “Raffy Tulfo in Action vs. Supreme Court/Judiciary,” Atty Libayan examines some of the recent Raffy Tulfo in Action videos and calls out the Tulfo for his hubris, hypocritical view of the importance of law, and his resorting to street justice and, by large, the show’s trial by media. Also, Atty Libayan notices the host belittles a Barangay chairwoman, duly elected official, by abruptly cutting her off as she explains her side. Where’s the justice in that? However, she still manages to apologetically describe what truly happened compared to what Raffy Tulfo had perceived. Then, to avoid humiliation, Raffy Tulfo uses his usual modus operandi lines about why many prefer going to his show instead of public offices. Atty Libayan also points out that this is how Raffy Tulfo conditions his viewers’ minds to maintain and garner more viewership on his videos.

Raffy Tulfo in Action Makes Money Off Playing the Public Shaming Game

According to Atty Libayan, the Raffy Tulfo in Action uses public shaming 100% of the time. What is public shaming? Public shaming is inherently a form of punishment that aims to dishonor a person in a public place – be it online or physical location. If public shaming is already a punishment, therefore it is a form of injustice to everyone. Under Philippine law, even an accused is considered innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, as Raffy Tulfo stated in the video, their YouTube channel uses intimidation (pushy), and they don’t follow any legal process.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who will guard the guards themselves?)

Raffy Tulfo Undermines Our Justice System By Encouraging Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Raffy Tulfo in Action is not a public office and does not dispense justice. Although it may seem to facilitate the dispensement of justice (through its injustice by public shaming), most of the time, it encourages alternative dispute resolutions and, worse, shortcuts.

Meanwhile, Raffy Tulfo himself claims that the show has resolved some decade-long cases in only days. However, the statement is misleading as most issues would still go through legal means one way or another.

If Raffy Tulfo were a lawyer, he could have avoided past legal suits. Instead, in April 2019, the Supreme Court affirmed the libel conviction against him.

What’s Next?

It would be interesting to see Raffy Tulfo’s reaction to BATASNatin Atty Libayan’s criticism. Will the media personality take it as a grown-up man or resort to ad hominem remarks like his brother Ben Tulfo did? After all, Raffy Tulfo is used to criticizing other people. He should be able to take his dose of medicine.

Indeed, the Raffy Tulfo in Action has helped many people – Filipinos and even Foreigners. There’s no doubt about it. However, Filipinos need to know that this is just an alternative to resolving issues or conflicts. Although a lot of groundwork is still required, Filipinos must transition from a mentality of patronizing quick fixes and street justice.

We still have our Judiciary system, although imperfect and always work-in-progress. It has served far more people than the YouTube channel. Also, it has safeguards and processes to protect our rights and freedom.

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