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Raffy Tulfo Belittles Libayan, Not From a Prestigious School

Raffy Tulfo Belittles Atty Libayan Law School

Raffy Tulfo has apparently belittled Atty Libayan for not being a graduate of a prestigious school. Questioning someone’s education based on where he graduated from for comparison is discriminatory. Something most Filipinos have experienced when applying for jobs, especially in Metro Manila.

Last week, Atty Libayan posted a video reaction on a video scene that the Raffy Tulfo In Action channel had already deleted. Luckily, he got a copy of that scene from another YouTube channel.

Was Raffy Tulfo Really Referring to Atty Libayan?

The video scene does not mention the lawyer’s name. However, Atty Libayan believes that Raffy Tulfo refers to him because he has been critical of some Raffy Tulfo videos lately. These videos have other lawyers giving legal advice on specific issues. Moreover, the lawyer’s bashers and supporters alike think the video is for him.

The video scene from Raffy Tulfo starts with a manly apology for an outburst he had. “Nothing personal,” he was only expressing himself. “Don’t worry. You’ll get tired because I’ll bring in a lot of lawyers. If you can be critical of all these lawyers’ advice, go ahead.” To Atty Libayan, the statements meant that Raffy Tulfo has permitted him to be critical of legal advice in Raffy Tulfo videos.

However, as the video scene reaches the end, Raffy Tulfo asks a somewhat discriminatory question that intends to belittle Atty Libayan, “Where did you graduate?”

Atty Libayan is still a Sport

Although some statements in the video scene are unwelcoming, Atty Libayan has kept his cool. He did not even take offense. Instead, he felt grateful for Raffy Tulfo for permitting him to be critical of some of his videos. However, since the Raffy Tulfo In Action YouTube Channel has deleted the video scene, we cannot tell if Raffy Tulfo was sarcastic or meant what he said. Therefore, Raffy Tulfo may not have permitted Atty Libayan to be critical of Raffy Tulfo In Action Youtube videos.

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