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Pinoy Baiting: A Scheme To Exploit Filipinos Online?

pinoy baiting exploit filipino Philippines Foreign YouTube Vloggers

Filipino content creator M.A. Buendia opened a conversation about foreign YouTubers reacting to anything Pinoy, and it’s somewhat polarizing. Buendia coined the term Pinoy baiting on his Twitter post. According to him, Pinoy Baiting is a marketing strategy to exploit Filipinos using exaggeration in reaction videos involving the Philippines to attract local audiences and fans. And he said it works because of the Filipinos’ thirst for global validation.

Pinoy Baiting Exploit Filipinos

Other Filipinos Relate To This Exploit

Many commenters agreed with Buendia and commended him for saying something about the issue. Some used to consume these reaction videos until they realized there was no genuine interest in the Filipino culture. Others stated they’ve grown weary of the monotonous and performative reactions. Moreover, the tweet has forced several foreign YouTubers to examine their Pinoy content and attitudes toward it. These foreign YouTubers include Finding Tom, Puting Pinoy, and Music Game News.

Pinoy Baiting Exploit Filipinos

But Pinoy Baiting Could Be Beneficial To Filipinos

Meanwhile, some people disagree with Buendia. One of them is YouTuber Kuya Steele. He thought suggesting that foreign YouTubers tricking Filipinos into watching their vlogs is insulting the intelligence of Filipinos. According to him, it’s terrible to call out foreigners faking their reactions to the tourism-driven country and the local talents. For him, real or fake, the Philippines benefit from the publicity the vlogs bring, and it’s up to the rest of the world to decide whether they like the Filipino content or not.

Pinoy Baiting Exploit Filipinos

Pinoy Baiting Is Real

Ovela of Music Game News said Pinoy baiting does exist. He observed some foreign vloggers don’t have a genuine interest in Filipino music or culture and have nothing to say. But he suggested people should find a middle ground because he believes Filipino viewers are smart enough to notice which reactors are honest and which are not.

Buendia qualified his statement that he also commented on Music Game News’ video. He said the tweet was for many foreign YouTubers who fake their amazement on Filipino content to rack up stats. Another point Buendia wanted to drive home is for Filipinos to support local YouTubers who make quality content.

It’s up to consumers what content they choose to watch. If anything, Buendia’s criticism raised awareness about the motivations of foreign YouTubers who react to Pinoy content and why Filipinos are likely to eat their reaction videos up.

Do you think Pinoy Baiting is just a marketing scheme to exploit Filipinos online? If so, do let us know by commenting on this post on our Facebook page.

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