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Investing in Real Estate in the Philippines on YouTube

Philippine Real Estate YouTube

Are you thinking of buying property in the Philippines? The following Real Estate YouTube channels can help inform you how to do it in the Philippines.

Own Property PH YouTube Channel

Me-An Clemente is behind the Own Property PH YouTube channel, and she’s a licensed real estate broker in the Philippines. Moreover, she uses her channel to provide information about the real estate industry in the country. For example, some of her videos are finding, choosing, and contacting the best real estate agent or broker, Pag-IBIG housing loan requirements, and the condominium buying process

Chris Suarez

Licensed real estate broker Chris Suarez makes YouTube videos about house tours, project reviews, and tips and advice for agents and buyers in the Philippines. His goal for his channel is to help more people make better choices when selling, buying, or improving their homes. Also, he discusses how to spot a fake title, pre-selling, 2022 emerging trends in real estate in the country, and others.

Richard Carvajal – The Real Pro

Vlogger Richard Carvajal gives tips, tours, and reviews on his YouTube channel about real estate in the Philippines. For example, his vlogs include answering real estate investing questions, how to afford real estate property, different ways to invest in real estate, making money in real estate, buying beach properties, condo buying property protection laws, and legal rights, and rent to own.

Alex Zeta

You can learn a lot from real estate broker Alex Zeta’s YouTube channel. She has talked about the law protecting subdivisions and condo buyers (PD 957), the deal closing process for brokerage in the Philippines, documents to prepare, financing for real estate, authority to sell, tips to avoid foreclosure, and so on. Alex also features property listings on her channel.

PH Property Guy

Maynard Borbe aims to educate and motivate through his YouTube channel about real estate in the Philippines. For example, you’ll find topics there like the benefits of investing in real estate and mortgage and amortization. Other topics include how to compute property taxes with a higher assessed value, advice for first-time home buyers, and the importance of property location. Additionally, check out these other YouTube channels for more real estate content: Ralf Roger C. Tagao – RRCT, Marty Hernandez, Jobby Gonzales Real Estate, George Ryan Sarmago, and The Millenial Broker.

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