Facebook: Atty Libayan Has No Copyright Infringements

Facebook Atty Libayan has no copyright infringements
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BATASnatin’s Atty Ranny Randolf B. Libayan will go to court to address the copyright infringement allegations against him by Facebook and Ivana Alawi. Facebook limited Atty Libayan’s page after Alawi flagged his content criticizing her mendicancy prank for copyright violations. However, Atty Libayan maintained he observed fair use under the Philippine laws.

Facebook put back five of Atty Libayan’s videos to respond to the demand letter he sent them, stating he’ll file a case if Facebook doesn’t restore his privileges on the social media platform. But his followers, as well as some content creators, encouraged him to pursue legal action still. According to Atty Libayan, he also wants to get answers why Facebook unjustly penalized him.

Atty Libayan sent another letter to Facebook and Alawi demanding that they issue a public apology within three days from when they received the letter. The three days have passed, and he hasn’t heard from either of them. He said he’d like to seek damages for the unjust treatment he went through. And if he loses in the lower court, he said he’ll bring the matter to the Supreme Court.

For now, Atty Libayan will stop posting videos about this situation, but he said he’ll give updates from time to time without violating the sub judice rule. As a trial lawyer who provides Philippine law content on YouTube, Atty Libayan feels he’s in the position to do something. He finds this case an excellent opportunity to define the specific rights of content creators on social media.

There were several small-time content creators both on Facebook and YouTube that reached out to Atty Libayan. They claimed that Facebook unjustly penalized them for supposed copyright infringement, like what happened to Atty Libayan. Some followers of BATASnatin offered to donate money for the filing fees. However, Atty Libayan refuses to accept any monetary support for the lawsuit.

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