Cong TV Superhero Kapitantanan
Cong TV Superhero Kapitantanan

Ever imagine if Cong TV were a real superhero? What would be his superpowers and abilities? Cong TV dresses up as the superhero KAPITANTANAN. He wears a zero-budget makeshift costume. It consists of a red towel as a cape, a back tee for a do-rag, and a white upside-down Zorro-like mask. He has a coarse voice.

KAPITANTANAN Superpowers And Abilities

KAPITANTANAN’s origin is unknown but came out from Cong TV’s imagination. KAPITANANAN’s abilities include winning at gambling, especially the Pusoy Dos card game. Second, he is insult-proof and could strike fear in his adversaries because he is so ugly. Lastly, he could devour “Pulutan” without chipping in like a super freeloader.

Cong TV Superhero is so ugly!

Superhero Weaknesses

Like all superheroes, Cong TV KAPITANTANAN, too, has weaknesses. First, he quickly catches colds. In Yoh’s room, he introduces himself but soon complains about him catching colds earlier. Second, he needs to eat to maintain or regain his powers. Third, he needs at least ten sidekicks for protection. Fourth, he cannot fly.

Cong TV Superhero Is Still Human

Because KAPITANTANAN needs to regain his strength, they buy food at the nearby McDonald’s outlet. While driving, he explains why he cannot fly – his Driver’s License only allows him for 1 and 2 restriction codes. Flying requires the 75 restriction code.

By the time the order is done, KAPITANTANAN receives the food one plastic bag at a time and hands it over to Dudut Lang. However, Dudut Lang drops the first bag and spills the drink on the car.

Dudut Lang drops the drinks!

As KAPITANTANAN drives them back home, he remains quiet about what happened. He declares, “this is the first time that I will execute a friend.”

Will the Cong TV superhero KAPITANTANTA return in later videos? Probably not, but we will see. His character is not well planned, considering the costume is wears.

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