Cong TV Payamansion – Who Owns It?

Cong TV Payamansion
Cong TV Payamansion

Who is the Cong TV Payamansion owner? Out of curiosity. The more I watch Cong TV YouTube videos, the more I can piece various details and attempt to make sense out of them.

Before Payamansion, There Were Two Condominium Units

If you look closer, there were two units, probably, in the same condominium. First, the one set up by Tier One for Cong TV and Junnie Boy. In later videos, we see Keng and Drake in the condo unit. This condo unit is where Cong TV shoots and streams online. Second, the one where the rest of the gang resides. It could be a corner lot unit because of its shape (dimension) and size. It is where we can see Josh Pint’s (or Angel’s) bed in the living area.

It could have been the previous unit for WomboXcombo. In Viy Cortez’s YouTube video, the 3 AM Challenge With Cong TV, Cong TV and she went to what appeared to be the WomboXcombo’s previous unit. “So, andito kami sa kapit-bahay namin”, said Cong TV in the video at 6:00.

WomboXcombo’s previous condo unit

On the other hand, it could be a different unit on another floor or block.

In any case, these units were sponsored by Tier One because Viy thanked the Tier One bosses. After that, the Team Payaman members moved to the Payamansion.

Skip to 11:13, where Viy thanked the Tier One bosses

So Who Owns The Payamansion?

Cong TV does not own the Payamansion. This APAK video revealed that Boss Tryke rents the mansion when complaining about Meralco’s expensive power bill. Boss Tryke’s real name is Tryke Gutierrez, and he is the current CEO of Tier One Entertainment.

One of Papa Shoutout’s videos suggests that Cong TV bought the Payamansion worth 20 Million Pesos. Well, I think it is worth more than that – probably at least 25 Million Pesos. Anyway, it does not matter whether Cong TV now owns it or Boss Tryke still rents it. What matters is the excellent laughs Cong TV leaves us with after watching his videos.

By large, all of their YouTube videos are for entertainment purposes only. As a result, many have enjoyed watching them, not focusing too much on facts. Even without the Payamansion, millions would remain avid fans of Cong TV and the Team Payaman members.

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