Cong TV on YouTube – KRIBS Episode

Cong TV on YouTube - KRIBS Episode

I didn’t know who Cong TV and his crew were until a few months ago when I stumbled upon a random YouTube video; an episode mostly shot at Matthaios’ home. Thereafter, I’ve watched his videos and similar videos from other Filipino vloggers.

Welcome To Cong TV Cribs!

The YouTube video is entitled KRIBS featuring Matthaios’ home and his supposed collaboration with Dudut Lang, one of Cong TV’s Team Payaman members. The video also shows Matthaios’ room/recording studio.

Matthaios’ Room And Toy Collections

As shown in the YouTube video, Matthaios apparently has a 10 square-meter bedroom that also doubles as his home recording studio with a computer desktop and some quality speakers. I bet the room is soundproof to allow for recording his songs.

Matthaios has quite many toy collections stacked neatly by the wall. They include toy cars but mostly Funko Pops!

Playful Stealing

While Matthaios and Dudut were busy on the computer, Cong TV playfully pockets random things in Matthaios’ room while describing audibly on camera how valuable each item was and, at the same time, everyone was laughing, including Matthaios. These things include coins and a handful of jewelry.

As the collaboration for a YouTube video between Matthaios and Dudut started, Cong TV and the Team Payaman members excused themselves to stay in the car. While leading out of the house, they started playfully act like robbers stealing things from the living room. Keng wanted to take the pair of super comfy green lying on the floor by the small glass coffee table. He also unplugged and carried a humidifier. On the other hand, Yow tried to stuff a tiger cub stuffed toy into this Satchel bag and carried a stand fan!

Matthaios Cool Pool At Home

As they continue with their playful pretense as robbers, they proceeded to the pool area. Then, Matthaios came and wanted to show something cool about the pool. He walked past them and flipped a switch on the wall. Then, bubbles started forming in the pool.

Then, Cong TV and the Team Payaman members swam before the YouTube video ended.

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