Cong TV is now a Father!

Cong TV is now a father!

Cong TV is now a father! Viy Cortez has revealed this in her latest YouTube video, PLASWAN (plus one). Lately, we have noticed that Cong TV was not active on YouTube. His last video, XPEKTANSI, was more than three weeks old already. The news of Viy being pregnant could be one of two reasons why Cong TV has no new videos. The other one maybe because of Boss Keng and Neneng Lamig’s wedding.

When Viy Finds Out She is Pregnant

According to the video, Viy discovered she was pregnant from a pregnancy kit on November 27. She cried with tears of joy and mixed emotions. But she added that she was afraid because of her previous miscarriage.

Cong TV is so Happy About The Pregnancy

Cong TV was playing computer games when Viy approached her. Then, she placed the pregnancy kit on the table in front of him. At first, Cong TV was puzzled because he was focused on the game. Then, he realized what was on the table and looked at Viy with joy. He appeared to think it was not a prank and repeatedly asked Viy if it was true.

Cong TV is now a Father!
Viy Cortez And Cong TV Ultrasound result preview

Some Team Payaman Members Got The Good News

Cong TV and Viy Cortez also shared the good news to some Team Payaman members present in the Payamansion 2.0. “You are now a father!” shouted Vien. “Junnie and I prayed for another child for Mavi and it’s from you (referring to Viy’s unborn child)”, she added. They all congratulated the couple and talked about tips to take care of Viy’s pregnancy.

Cong TV and Viy’s Parents Were So Happy

In the last part of the video, Cong TV and Viy shared the good news to their parents around the dinner table. The news brought great happiness to their parents such that Papa Shoutout cried, “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!”

Congratulations, Cong TV and Viy Cortez! Cong TV will be a fantastic father, and Viy, a loving mother!

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