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Cong TV Buys Parents A Ford Everest Car

Cong TV Buys Parents A Ford Everest

Cong TV buys parents a car – a Ford Everest! His way of giving back shows appreciation for their love, support, and sacrifices over the years.

In the BALUABLE video, Cong TV and his crew meet up with the Ford Everest seller to test drive and buy the car for his parents. However, the car needs repainting and minor fixes before presenting it to his parents. As a result, he sends the car to an auto shop somewhere in Agno St., Banawe, Quezon City.

Cong TV Surprises His Parents With A Car

Finally, Cong TV and his crew head to his father and mother’s home to present the 2015 Ford Everest to his father. Although used, the car is still in mint condition when Cong TV buys it for PHP 550,000.

On their way, he hopes to reach home before his father goes to sleep. “I hope he is still awake. Today is Saturday, and he usually drinks. When he drinks, he is already asleep before 9 p.m.,” Cong TV explains.

At his parents’ home, while his father is yet to return home from drinking, he reveals to his mother and other household members that he has bought a Ford Everest for his father. Then, his revelation astonishes them, especially his mother.

Moments later, Cong TV’s father comes home. They joke about Cong TV buying him a truckload of Red Horse beer! Then, out of the blue, Cong TV presents a car key to his father.

The Parents Meet The Ford Everest

After Cong TV gives the car key to his father, they all go out of the house to see the Ford Everest parked nearby on the street. At first, Cong TV’s father cannot believe his eyes. He thinks it is not it and maybe it is the next parked car.

As his father gets into the driver’s seat, he remains somewhat skeptical and keeps asking Cong TV if it is really for him. Finally, his father remains speechless but thanks and kisses him.

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