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Cong TV Buys DaTwo A Hyundai Accent Car

Cong TV Buys DaTwo a Car

The ever-generous Cong TV buys DaTwo a car in the Cong TV YouTube video episode TUDATU. Don’t we ever wish we had bosses as generous as Cong TV and yearn for “Sana All”? Many months ago, Cong TV bought his parents a 2015 Ford Everest car and surprised his father.

In the video, Cong TV and some Team Payaman members go somewhere in Alabang, Muntinlupa, to purchase a used but still branch new Hyundai Accent from its supposedly first owner. It only has been used for 5080 km!

The model of the Hyundai Accent is not apparent in the video, but by the looks of its interior, it could be a 2019 model. Its sun visor still has a clear plastic cover.

The used Hyundai Accent car still has its sun visor clear plastic cover

How The Team Payaman Surprises DaTwo

Once Cong TV and some of the Team Payaman members reach home, they have a prank blaming DaTwo that he had scratched their cars. This scheme will make him come out of the Payamansion to inspect the damages on the vehicles.

As they leave the gates, DaTwo sees the new car and laughs at supposedly jokes from his friend – “Panu naging gasgas yan? Eh Putang ina…ang kinang! Bago pa!”

Then Cong TV says something about the car, “Yang bago na yan…kotse mo yan”. Then, DaTwo suddenly becomes speechless.

DaTwo’s Dream Comes True

In the TUDATU episode, Cong TV mentions DaTwo’s dream to buy a car when he has enough money. Also, when Cong TV sends DaTwo on an errand, he always needs to borrow other Team Payaman members’ cars.

DaTwo’s Dream To Buy His Parents A Car

In Papa Shoutout‘s PORDTYONER video, DaTwo expresses his desire to give back to his parents by purchasing the things they deserve, such as a brand new car like a Toyota Fortuner.

Skip to 7:00 For DaTwo’s desire for his parents

Now with a car of his own, his dream for his parents has gotten closer as he would no longer buy a car for himself. He can save up more to achieve the goal sooner.

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