Cong TV Buys A Lincoln Navigator 2020

Cong Buys a TV Lincoln Navigator 2020

If you have seen Cong TV’s recent YouTube video KAPITANTANAN, you may not have noticed that he was driving a Lincoln Navigator 2020 SUV. No wonder he was so pissed off when they dropped the coffee on the floor.

Cong TV Lincoln Navigator SUV

So, where is Cong TV’s Toyota Fortuner? He has given it to his father because his father’s Ford Everest got some overheating issues. Cong TV never intended to flex his new car, given the COVID-19 pandemic and millions of people are suffering as a result.

Where Is The Old Ford Everest?

In the same Papa Shoutout video, he reveals that Boss Keng has purchased it at PHP 500,000.

Why Lincoln Navigator 2020?

Whether it is any good or not, it may have significant meaning to Cong TV because his real name is Lincoln Velasquez. The Lincoln Navigator 2020 is a luxury car and therefore expensive for middle-class families who, most of the time, opt for SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner.

So, That Means He Eventually Bought The Payamansion?

That is a possibility. If Cong TV can shed PHP 13 Million for a full-featured Lincoln Navigator 2020, he probably can shed another PHP 20 Million. A quick price search for this luxury car in the Philippine market suggests it is around PHP 15 Million. It means he can afford to spend that much and still have enough cash for other things like new investments, debt payment, and emergencies. Incidentally, Cong TV mentioned in one of Viy Cortez’s videos that he still pays for another house.

It may not also be so. The Payamansion appears to be for housing them only, and nobody plans to stay there for the long term. Also, given that some property parts are not well kept, it may still be a place being rented.

We cannot speak ill of Cong TV because he is a down-to-earth person. He is humble and inspires a lot of Filipinos and brings laughter to their faces. He really deserves all the good things coming his way.

Thank you Cong TV for your videos!

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