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Ben Tulfo Labels Atty Libayan Cheap Lawyer?

Ben Tulfo Labels Atty Libayan Cheap Lawyer

YouTubers Doc Adam and BATASnatin Attorney Ranny Randolf B. Libayan have made videos supporting each other as they face issues regarding topics they discuss online. Both are raising awareness of free speech on social media. When Ivana Alawi accused the lawyer of copyright infringement that led to his suspension of Facebook privileges, Doc Adam defended him. When Ben Tulfo hit back Doc Adam with ad hominem, Atty Libayan supported the doctor and made a reaction video, leading Tulfo to believe the lawyer was a troll.

Why Ben Tulfo Labels Atty Libayan Cheap Lawyer?

In his reaction video, Atty Libayan addressed Tulfo’s arguments about testimonials and copyright infringement in response to Doc Adam’s video against Kings Herbal. The lawyer also called out Tulfo for using ad hominem attacks against Doc Adam.

Then, Tulfo posted another video that responded to a follow-up video Doc Adam made about their issue. He called the doctor’s supporters “troll farms,” including cheap lawyers who talk about copyright infringement. Atty Libayan admitted he could be the one Tulfo referred to because of his recent discussions about copyright violations.

According to Atty Libayan, he tried to figure out what Tulfo meant by cheap lawyers. But the bottom line of his response is it’s uncalled for to degrade professionals. Tulfo called Doc Adam on his show obob or dumb spelled backward.

Both Doc Adam and Atty Libayan continue to educate the public through their YouTube channels about medical and legal matters, respectively, despite the free speech challenges thrown their way. Doc Adam is currently dealing with a legal battle against Dr. Farrah, who wants to shut his channel down. Libayan said he’s filing a case against Ivana Alawi and Facebook. They alleged the lawyer committed copyright infringement and cut his privileges on the social media platform without due process.

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