5 YouTube Channels To Help You Learn Philippine Laws

Youtube Learn Philippine Law

Once in a while, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to pick the brains of a lawyer. If such a time comes or when you want to learn the legal aspects of matters you’re curious about, there are YouTube vlogs that discuss Philippine laws. Check the following channels and see if they have addressed issues you want to know about.

1. BATASnatin – Learn And Engage Your Critical Thinking

Labeled as “your source of live free online legal advice and top-notch legal services,” BATASnatin entertains any legal question. Moreover, one segment of the channel is the Free Legal Advice Q & A with Atty. Libayan. He also goes live to answer questions posted on the comment section. Lastly, BATASnatin has a website as well for more resources.

2. Kuya Mark Tolentino YouTube Channel – Making Philippine Laws Simple And Easy

With its claim “making Philippine laws simple and easy,” the channel of Atty. Mark Tolentino has Audio on Demand, where he features callers who seek free legal advice. He also posts videos of his DXBC RMN Butuan Kini ang Balaod (This Is the Law) program in Bisaya.

3. Bacon Palacio YouTube Channel – Learn Philippine Labor Laws

The channel of Atty. Aldrin “Bacon” Palacio focuses on Philippine labor laws. Moreover, he has covered workplace gender-based sexual harassment, separation pay, and more. Also, his videos are in Tagalog with English subtitles.

4. Batas Pinoy – Learn General Information About Philippine Laws

Atty. Rogelio Wong gives general information about Philippine laws through Batas Pinoy. Moreover, he welcomes questions through the comment section or his email, which is listed on the channel’s About page. Sometimes these queries are also used as topics for his vlogs. There are also videos about land titles, cyber libels, swindling or estafa, etc.

5. Atty. Tam Gonzales YouTube Channel

Among the videos Atty. Tam Gonzales’ posts are about his personal experiences as a trial lawyer. Moreover, he injects hilarity into his informative vlogs that make him relatable. Also, his channel’s goal is to provide laypeople with a basic and simple understanding of the law.

Litigation can be intimidating. While these YouTube channels serve educational purposes only and won’t replace legal advice, watching their vlogs can be an excellent first step for people who want to be informed about the Philippine laws.

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