The Filipino Youth Impact On The Philippine 2022 Election

The impact of the Filipino Youth in the 2022 Philippine General Election

The votes of the Filipino youth have a significant impact on the upcoming 2022 Philippine election; they could make or break our country in the coming years. After almost six years, Filipinos will have to select new essential government officials again into office. These are the president, vice-president, and senators, and they would have tremendous power, influence, and authority over the decisions and plans for the country. It is up to the Filipino youth to vote wisely for the best candidates to lead the country to prosperity.

Choose Better Candidates in the Philippine Election

According to Voltaire, “With great power comes with great responsibilities.” A person with such power must also be ready to take on the responsibilities of the position. The elected officials must be proactive in addressing the current issues without compromising and jeopardizing anyone and anything. One shouldn’t also forget the tasks and duties assigned to them once elected as such. Furthermore, their actions and decisions must always be for the betterment and improvement of the country. Lastly, they should be good examples and role models since they could influence the citizens’ ethics and perspectives.

The Filipino Youth is 52% Of The Philippine Population

According to COMELEC director James Jimenez, today’s youth makes up approximately 52% of registered voters. This fact highlights the Filipino youth’s role in selecting the leaders who will lead the country for the succeeding years. The Filipino youth are encouraged to reflect well upon the candidates and their plans for the country. One shouldn’t settle for less. Instead, vote for officials with high standards, capability, and knowledge about the laws and leading a country. Filipinos deserve officials who are transparent and responsive to the citizen’s needs. As someone in power for years, they must uphold essential values such as honesty and integrity.

The quote by Jose Rizal, “Ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan”, could not be any truer today where change in the government is much needed. The future and the upcoming Philippine election results rely heavily on Filipino youth, who also have power.

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