Learn About Homeschooling in the Philippines

The pandemic may have taught you a thing or two about homeschooling your children and have thought of the benefits. If you want to know what needs to be done to transition from classroom education to homeschool, get started by following these Filipino YouTube channels for homeschooling in the Philippines.

5 Parenting YouTube Channels for Filipino Moms and Dads

If you’re a new parent who needs the wisdom of Filipino moms and dads that have been there, you can check out the following YouTube channels for advice. Even if you already have years of parenting under your belt but still want some guidance, these are excellent sources for you

Cong TV is now a Father!

Cong TV is now a father! Viy Cortez has revealed this in her latest YouTube video, PLASWAN (plus one). Lately, we have noticed that Cong TV was not active on YouTube. His last video, XPEKTANSI, was more than three weeks old already. The news of Viy being pregnant could be

Top Filipino Landscape YouTube Channels

Are you looking for gardening and landscaping inspiration? Perhaps you want to learn tips and tricks to make your yard look sharp. You can follow these Filipino YouTube channels to get fantastic ideas for your garden landscape or outdoor space. Michelle.Manila YouTube Channel Creations of professional landscape designers and design

Filipino DIY YouTube Channels You Should Give a Follow

If you’re fond of do-it-yourself (DIY), subscribe to the following Filipino YouTube channels to get project inspirations and learn from their how-to videos. They don’t only provide helpful content; the videos are highly satisfying to watch too. G Torbz Crafty Channel For people who love paper crafts, check out G