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Filipino Television Drama

The usual plots of Filipino television dramas revolve around the same themes and stereotypes. These include having mistresses, being treated poorly by the stepmother, or switching children at birth. Another overused plotline is having a rich guy fall in love with a poor girl. Then his family would sabotage their relationship at all costs. While these Filipino dramas never fail to capture the hearts and interests of the audience, the plotlines and endings are becoming a bit predictable. Worse, they may be influencing the audience negatively.

Give Filipinos A Break And Be More Creative

These typical Filipino television dramas exhibit low creativity on the part of the producers and TV networks. Could these overused plot lines and themes be the winning formula television networks have used to maximize returns? Television networks should include new plotlines and themes around the Filipino youth and the different issues they face. Such problems include dealing with mental health issues, adulting, and finding themselves amidst other challenges. People nowadays veer away from the usual stereotypes seen on Filipino television drama series. Instead, they prefer quirky characters and themes from foreign shows, e.g., Korean dramas.

Foreign Drama Series Are Better And Exciting

I must admit I watch too many Korean dramas nowadays. But how could I not when their plotlines speak more to the youth and are more relatable amongst young adults? Let us not forget about the wholesome and “kilig” (romantic excitement) moments we also want to experience in real life. Some even highlight the challenges that the characters face and show values such as resilience and hope. Moreover, they show character development amongst the main characters, even with the antagonists. These plotlines are uncommon among Filipino dramas.

In Filipino television dramas, antagonists remain antagonists up to the very end. Also, they do not portray the characters much as more human and more relatable for the audience.

More Leading Filipino Female Character In Television Dramas

Another thing that I would like to see is leading female characters who do not have to rely on guys to succeed in life. Remember Amor Powers from Mula Sa Puso? I would love to see these female characters conquer the world on their own. I believe it’s time for teleseryes to take on the theme of feminism. In addition to that,  and feature a strong female character without relying on a male character for her life and not the usual oppressed female leads that we would often see.

Though international series may overshadow these Filipino television dramas or teleseryes, I think that their stories and themes must also evolve to step out of the usual stereotypes shown in the last decade. 

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