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Filipinos Are Steppingstones For Politicians To Win Elections

Filipino politician election

We must exercise our right to vote. But bear in mind, we are only steppingstones for Filipino politicians, especially to win elections. Politics is a dirty word. So as most politicians in the Philippines.

Filipino Politicians Are Corrupt, By Default

We should not put any faith in politicians (and those running for the first time) because they have their agendas. Moreover, they run for office almost always on the pretext of helping the people and the country. Although not all politicians are corrupt, 99% of them are – even the ones we support and believe who are otherwise. Even the remaining 1% still contains “lesser evils,” and finding out which politicians are honest becomes as hard as looking for half a needle in a haystack. We should remain vigilant towards politicians, even the ones we perceive as honest.

For politicians, we are just steppingstone. We should never forget that. They are dying to get in our favor, especially before elections, and resort to ridiculous means to get our attention. These include pretense, empty promises, fake news, and disinformation.

The Overrated “Help The Poor” Tagline

Take Senator Manny Pacquaio, for example. With a simpleton “Help the poor” tagline and a tendency to religious extremism, he has been winging his so-called exposé on corruption but came up short. His intention is too evident to get more people to rally behind him for the upcoming election. Now, he is running for the highest office in the Philippines in the upcoming national election.

Time To Rip What They Sow

Meanwhile, some Filipino celebrities are testing the waters and are eager to become politicians for the wrong reasons. Consider Raffy Tulfo, who is running for senator in the 2022 Philippine election. With millions of online followers, he probably thought the time had come to step on those stones and rip what he sowed. How could he help the people by being in the senate where colleagues must observe due process and never resort to shortcuts? How could the Tulfo justice work without cutting corners? Would he resort to the coercion of his fellow senators to favor his so-called laws for the poor? We already have a lot of laws, and they are pro-poor.

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