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Tutorials on YouTube for Filipino Teachers Teaching Online

Online Filipino English Teachers on YouTube Teaching tutorials Filipino Teachers

Are you a teacher who wants to learn new skills to improve your online teaching’s effectiveness and efficiency? If so, here are YouTube channels that provide teaching tutorials for Filipino teachers for online applications or internet programs that you can follow.

Direk Matt

Direk Matt’s YouTube channel has step-by-step tech tutorials. For example, some of the videos you might find helpful are how to use Google Meet for online teaching, use Discord for online teaching, and use Trello for online teaching.

Moimoi Justo

Moimoi Justo’s YouTube channel has useful videos for Filipino teachers. For example, one is the Teaching live on Facebook using myViewBoard. Another is Using your cellphone as a webcam. These are only two of the many useful videos you can watch on his channel. Also, you can also get more valuable tips from his channel, especially if you’re applying to DepEd.


Sir Louie is a secondary public school teacher. Moreover, he helps his fellow teachers and students with videos about educational technology, teaching essentials, tips, and tutorials. For example, these videos include using Google Jamboard for an online class and enhancing online distance teaching with ClassPoint.

Teacherella Diaries

Teacher Jelly has a lot of exciting tutorial videos on her channel. Learn how to use a PowerPoint recorder to record presentations with video, create a learning activity sheet cover, reduce lesson video noise using Audacity, and so many more with her.

Tser Niel

In case you want to see examples of demonstration teaching and videos to improve your demo, visit Tser Niel’s YouTube channel. For example, he discusses DepEd ranking, and lesson plans. Moreover, he shares videos on other teacher-related stuff like online teaching with Teachmint and creating self-learning modules for private school teachers.


Sir Kevin is an ICT instructor and an advocate of educational technology. Moreover, he uses his CLICK POWER YouTube channel to share ideas and tutorials with his fellow teachers. For instance, his videos include checking smartphone and laptop system specifications for online teaching.

These are only a few useful YouTube channels with teaching tutorials for Filipino teachers. There are always innovative ways to study, and especially in a pandemic when the end seems to be nowhere in sight yet, distance education is the best option.

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