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Top Filipino YouTube Channels for Relationship Advice

Filipino YouTube Relationship Advice

Romance will never get old. Similarly, it has inspired timeless movies, songs, literature, and other works of art. Are you looking for helpful conversations about love and relationships? If so, here are the top Filipino YouTube channels for relationship advice.

Paano: The Tagalog How-To YouTube Channel

Visit the Paano YouTube channel to see if its relationship advice can help you with your current situation. It features topics like telling a girl you like her and how to start chatting with your crush. Moreover, it also talks about how to invite a girl to a date, how to tell someone loves you, and how to tell a guy doesn’t like you. If you cannot find anything that addresses your concerns, you may reach out to them by email.

Filipino Writer, Actor, and Poet, Beverly Cumla on YouTube

A writer, actor, and poet, Beverly Cumla explores the many phases of relationships through hugot talks, short films, and spoken word poetry on her channel. For instance, her videos’ topics include ghosting, self-worth, and unrequited love. She might have the right content to help you navigate your emotions, relationship status, or relationship advice, so try going to her channel.      

Relationship Advice from Real Talk Darbs

Are you finding it difficult to move on from your ex? In that case, maybe Darbs can help you process your thoughts and feelings through some of his videos. For example, he has videos on why a relationship didn’t work, five steps to forget your ex, and why you can’t let go of someone. Moving on is only one of the many topics you can find on Real Talk Darbs.

Filipino Marriage Counselor Dolores Fulgencio on YouTube

Do you need pre-marriage counseling? If so, POPCOM certified and accredited pre-marriage counselor of DSWD Dolores Fulgencio can provide you with information about counseling through her channel. In fact, she has published videos on family relations, marital expectations, conjugal and family life, why family is an important social institution, and many more.     

Other similar Filipino YouTube channels share relationship advice, but they are few and far between. These include CHERRYL TING, Garry Opimo, Marcelo TV, RhegTV, Tanungan TV, and PapongTV for more love advice and relationship content.

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