Top Filipino Landscape YouTube Channels

Filipino landscape YouTube channels

Are you looking for gardening and landscaping inspiration? Perhaps you want to learn tips and tricks to make your yard look sharp. You can follow these Filipino YouTube channels to get fantastic ideas for your garden landscape or outdoor space.

Michelle.Manila YouTube Channel

Creations of professional landscape designers and design enthusiasts are featured on Michelle’s channel. Some of the videos you’ll find here are makeovers with before and after, lush tropical landscaped gardens, garden tours, indoor gardens, as well as low-maintenance and cost-efficient landscape projects.

Topher Potter

Pot maker, plant hobbyist, and garden designer Topher has a lot to show you on his channel, such as how to landscape, how to make easy dish gardens, how to transform your garden into a simple Japanese garden, and many other educational videos. He can also bring you along to garden tours and the best places to buy plants.

Pinoy Plantito

Do you have a small space for a garden? Learn how Pinoy Plantito efficiently uses limited space, like transforming his backyard into a tropical garden and removing garden eyesores. Check out also his videos on vertical, poolside, and café gardens. Other helpful videos you’ll find on this channel include mosquito and snake-proofing your gardens and plant styling.

Certified Promdi Has Your Back On Landscaping

What you can watch on Certified Promdi’s channel are garden transformations, simple gardening and landscaping ideas, how to maintain your garden, plant propagation, and DIY projects. If you’re a mayana enthusiast like Certified Promdi, this channel has the perfect content for you. His features include a mayana festival, rare mayana, and his own mayana collection.

Get Landscape Ideas From AymjoshyneTV YouTube Channel

You can get a lot of landscaping as well as yard transformation ideas from AymjoshyneTV. See how small spaces can be designed, designs for landscape beginners, and the best plants for home decoration. The channel also provides information on plant propagation, herbs and spices, and ornamental plants

Want tips specifically on plants that will surely complement the ideas from these Filipino landscape YouTube channels? Check out these Plant Parents!

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