Top 5 Filipino YouTube Channels To Help Car Owners

Filipino YouTube Channels To Help Car Owners

Are you clueless about car repairs or need some tips on buying cars? Suppose you’re looking for car content online to inform you as an owner or future buyer in the Philippines. In that case, there are excellent Filipino YouTube channels you can visit those help car owners. Learn further about vehicles, driving tips, and more through the following:

1. Jeep Doctor PH

First on our list is, The Jeep Doctor! The Filipino YouTube Channel creates tutorials about fixing and maintaining cars, vlogs about finding affordable parts, product reviews, and more to help car owners. This channel also accepts requests for topics, so if you want to learn anything about your ride, try to consult with the Jeep Doctor by commenting on the channel’s videos. Or, if you have great ideas for making a vehicle work better, send a message to the YouTube channel for a chance to be featured or to showcase your design.

2. RiT Riding in Tandem

Next on our list is the husband and wife behind Riding in Tandem, who both work in the medical field, have gone a long way since their first video reviewing a Dominar 400 in 2018. They currently have 298,000 subscribers. Besides doing motorcycle and car test drive reviews, their YouTube channel also features vlogs about driving tutorials and general tips to help car owners avoid road rage. Also, when you need car insurance or a car loan, you can get in touch with Riding in Tandem.    

3. Pinoy Car Guy‘s YouTube Channel

If you want driving tips, basic tutorials about car maintenance, check out the Pinoy Car guy YouTube channel. They also provide updates on regulations, news helpful to drivers in Metro Manila, and other related information. He created the YouTube channel only in 2019, but it now has 278,000 subscribers. Some of its most-watched videos are about driving lessons, such as driving cars with manual transmission and reverse parking.  

4. Philkotse Helps Future Car Owners Buy The Right Car

If you’re shopping for a car, Philkotse can help you decide what model to choose. The YouTube channel posts are mostly reviews on the latest car models on the market and used and affordable ones to help car owners. There are also videos on tips for driving, trivia, and types of cars suitable for you. In addition, Philkotse has an app where you can find expert reviews, price lists, comparisons, promotions, news, and tips when you buy a vehicle.

5. Mekaniko Helps Car Owners With Tips On Repairs

Last but not least, we have the Mekaniko YouTube channel! Before going to your local auto mechanic, you may want to take a look at Mekaniko’s channel. You might find a video that can give you an idea of what kind of work your car needs. The topics in his YouTube channel help Filipino car owners, including brake adjustment, vibration, and change oil. He also shows demonstrations of fixing or replacing car parts with product reviews thrown in.

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