Top 5 Filipino YouTube Channels for Plant Parents

Filipino YouTube Plant Parent Plantita Plantito

Thanks to social media for alleviating some of the dreariness during the community quarantine. Most households have participated in various launched online trends. These trends range from making Dalgona coffee to growing plants. And it seems like the rise of plantitos, plantitas, and plant parents show no sign of waning. The enormous interest in planting and gardening is creating several Filipino YouTube channels that provide anything plant-related content. If you haven’t done it yet, visit five of the best local Filipino YouTube channels that can warm your plant parents’ hearts and teach you a thing or two about your potted babies.

1. Ang Magsasakang Reporter

First on our list is we have Ang Magsasakang Reporter. Food security is one of the significant concerns that the lockdowns bring. Because of that, Filipinos are encouraged to grow their vegetables. Thus it’s no surprise that the ultimate plantito, Ang Magsasakang Reporter, who advises on keeping a hanging vegetable garden in the city, has 300,000 subscribers in only a year of posting video tutorials on YouTube. See for yourself his vegetable garden in Metro Manila through the Ang Magsasakang Reporter YouTube channel.

2. Green Yard TV

Next, we have the guys behind the Green Yard TV. Created on June 1, 2020, the Green Yard TV YouTube channel already has a whopping 150,000 subscribers, and it has received YouTube’s Silver Play Button recently. Green Yard TV is run by plant parents and plant enthusiasts who have a plant nursery in Silang, Cavite, for almost two decades. If you want to do online plant shopping, learn plant varieties that are good for different parts of your home, care tips, and more, go to Green Yard TV.

3. Plant Parent Ken-Ken De Lara

Plants have fully taken over Ken-Ken De Lara’s beauty and food YouTube vlog. It’s safe to say that being a plantita is the road to her YouTube Silver Play Button and 144,000 subscribers. Ken-Ken’s videos include doing plant shop tours and gardening. They’re informative and friendly at the same time that watching them feels like visiting a friend’s home for some plant chats.

4. YouTuber Grace J. M’s Home Garden

It started with a virtual tour in their garden in Oriental Mindoro in March 2020. Now, plantita Grace J. M is a verified YouTube channel with 140,000 subscribers. Feast your eyes on the collection of ornamental plants Grace features on her YouTube channel, which they sell as well. You can also learn from her tutorials, such as how to propagate and repot plants.

5. Plantita Haydee’s Home Garden

Last but not least, we have Filipino plantita Haydee. She began her planting tutorials for YouTube in October 2020. Her YouTube channel is only half a year old, but it now has a YouTube verification checkmark and 119,000 subscribers. Visit Haydee’s Garden channel for easy yet invaluable ways of caring for plants, like how to make homemade pesticides and organic fertilizers. Also, plantita Haydee teaches how to plant vegetables and maintain an urban garden.

And those are our Top 5 Filipino YouTuber channels for Plant Parents, including plantitos and plantita!

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