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Top 5 Filipino Motivational Speakers On YouTube To Follow

Filipino Motivation Speaker YouTube
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Suppose you’re looking for some motivation in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In that case, there’s a lot of valuable motivational content you’ll find on YouTube. You can start with the following channels of Filipino motivational speakers and life coaches, and mentors on YouTube.

1. Chink Positive: A Filipino Wealth Mentor And Coach

First, we have Wealth coach Chinkee Tan. His YouTube channel’s goal is to teach Filipinos to become wealthy and debt-free. Most of his videos are about investing, saving, and budgeting. However, it’s not all about the money for Chink Positive. The channel’s vlogs contain principles and practical applications. These can help viewers observe well-balanced lives. Meanwhile, there’s also humor so that you can expect a fun viewing experience.

2. Team Lyqa: An Educator And Motivational Speaker

Next, we have Lyqa Maravilla. She is a Filipino educator, author, and motivational speaker. Moreover, she uses her YouTube channel to give test-taking tips, tricks, and techniques to help test-takers pass aptitude exams. Because of her video tutorials, YouTube has chosen her as one of the YouTube NextUp winners in 2017. Besides the educational vlogs, she also publishes motivational videos as part of the Sunday Motivation series called Good Bad Things.

3. Llyod Luna: A Multi-Awarded Filipino Motivational Writer And Speaker

Third, we have Llyod Luna. He’s an author, publisher, songwriter, entrepreneur, radio and TV show host, and internet marketing expert. Moreover, he is a multi-awarded motivational writer and speaker. Also, he owns four companies under Lloyd Luna Communications and founded the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS), a Global Speakers Federation member. Furthermore, Luna uses humor and wisdom from personal experiences in his speeches, which you can watch on his channel.

4. Sha Nacino TV: A Writing, Public Speaking, And Motivation Speaker

Fourth, we have Sha Nacino. Her YouTube channel is all about writing books, public speaking, and anything inspiring. Moreover, she’s a trusted speaker on gratitude and creativity and has been invited to speak in over 26 countries. Also, she’s the founder of Write University, HR Summit Global, and World Gratitude Summit.  

5. Filipino Mentor Myron Sta. Ana

Finally, but not least, we have Chief EnterTRAINment Officer (CEO) Myron Sta. Ana. He is the founder of MSS Business Solutions. This HR consulting company provides services like corporate training, coaching, mentoring, team building, and professional speaking. Meanwhile, his channel features videos about sales mastery, self-management, leadership, and many more.

Those are the top 5 Filipino motivational speakers on YouTube that Filipinos you can start following.

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