Top 5 Filipino Interior Designers on YouTube Worth Following

Filipino Interior Designers on YouTube
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Interior Designers in the Philippines are undervalued. Many Filipinos may think they don’t need to hire interior designers when building houses or commercial buildings. Similarly, some consider hiring them to be costly, if not impractical. But do you know that interior designers have specific skill sets and roles in the construction industry? Graduates of Interior Design need to pass the board exams to become licensed professionals. The work of interior designers essentially adds value to space. In the long run, they can help owners save money and effort. However, with the current stay-at-home and work-from-home situation, having an orderly and appealing space is most likely high on most people’s priority list. Luckily, professional Filipino interior designers can learn and borrow ideas from your area through their YouTube channels. Here are our top 5 Filipino Interior Designers worth following.

1. Filipino Interior Designer Couple Amado and Cyndi Beltran and Their YouTube Channel

First, we have Filipino Interior Designers Amado and Cyndi Beltran and their YouTube channel. This couple founded the Moss Design House. It is the country’s first multidisciplinary design firm. Moreover, the firm offers interior design, event, and pop-up design services. They also provide installation, furniture rental, and premium fabrication services. The couple has done house transformation jobs for some Filipino celebrities. They featured these jobs on their YouTube channel. Learn from Mr. & Mrs. B as you watch them work on actual projects.  

2. Filipino Interior Designer Christine Manalo Villamora’s CMV Interior Designs YouTube Channel

Next, we have Filipino Interior Designers Christine Manalo Villamora. She founded CMV Interior Designs. It specializes in designing residential properties and commercial spaces. Moreover, the firm’s approach exudes chic and contemporary interiors. You can find on their channel design process and some finished projects. You could contact them directly should you wish to upgrade your space with professional help.

3. Cara Fajardo Interiors

Next, we have Filipino Interior Designer Cara Fajardo and her YouTube channel. Her channel features makeover videos with tips and design principles. Moreover, she has implemented designs like hotel-inspired, minimalist, and tropical. Fajardo is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Also, she took the oath in 2019 as a licensed interior designer.

4. Fitnesscape Creative

Next, we have Filipino Interior Designer Carla Peña. She is a graduate of the Philippine School of Interior Design. Moreover, she is the head designer of her family’s architectural firm, Fitnesscape Creative Studio. Furthermore, the firm’s website states FCS is a “boutique green architecture and innovative design firm” that implements eco-friendly processes. Also, it creates a sense of continuity in local traditions.

5. Hurray Design

Last but not least, we have Filipino Interior Designers Rossy Anne Rojales and Bong Rojales. They founded the helm of Hurray Design. It is a company that is a collective of interior designers, industrial designers, architects, multimedia artists, and business associates. Among the videos on the Hurray Design channel are webinars. The videos include setting up a “new normal” home office, clutter-free homes, and building an urban jungle.

From this list, we hope you get a better insight into Filipino Interior Designers through their YouTube vlogs and understand their roles when they work with you, the architects, and engineers. Would you hire Interior Designers in your future projects?

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